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Campus: Grad to Watch

By Ken Levy Andrea Oyarzabal is a master’s student in the English department at Boise State University. This spring, Oyarzabal will be completing her degree in rhetoric and composition and, like all graduates, is looking to the future for the…

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True Story

By Kate Matthews On a clear October evening, Eric Valentine and Anderson Mitchell debuted their freshly conceived-of project, True Story, to an intimate gathering of friends around a small backyard fire in Boise’s North End. The duo had just two…

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Ride Idaho

By Angela Watcher For those longing to experience Idaho’s scenic highways and byways from the saddle of a road bike, Ride Idaho is the place to be. This seven-day, fully supported bicycle tour features different regions of the Gem State…

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The Natatorium: Still Making a Splash After All These Years

By Pamela Kleibrink Thompson As The City of Boise’s first public swimming pool, The Natatorium has been Boise’s place to be come summer for over 120 years. For many families, The Natatorium is a family tradition; indeed, many of the…

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Out East: High Desert Party

By Laura Wolstenholme On Sunday, June 9, anyone hiking the Boise foothills near Table Rock may think they’re seeing a mirage through the heat and dust of the afternoon sun. In the valley below, hundreds of people will be seen…

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Canvas Castles

By Liza Long Spectacular views, comfortable camping and the solitude of Idaho’s wilderness are all a part of Idaho’s backcountry yurt experience. Add in a few good friends, some great food and good beer, and you’ll have a weekend to…

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North End: The Stories Elisabeth Sharp McKetta Tells

By Nicole Sharp Local Boise resident and poet Elisabeth Sharp McKetta kicked off National Poetry Month with the release of her debut collection, “The Fairy Tales Mammals Tell.” Admittedly, I am not a huge poetry fan; so I began reading…

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Linen District: Literature Illuminated

By Jamie Dillon Aaron Stanton knows novels. In fact, he can probably recall hundreds of details about the inner workings of stories in nearly any genre. He can talk effortlessly about the prominence of religious hierarchy in Dan Brown’s “Da…

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Garden City: Technology Toyland

By Liza Long In the industrial stretch of Garden City, tucked away on West 33rd Street, is one of the Treasure Valley’s most unusual treasures. Part museum, part fabrication lab and part surplus store, the Reuseum is a place where…

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The Gateway Disc

By Carter D. Davis Do not confuse disc golf with “Frolf”, as I accidentally did within earshot of a Boise disc golfer. Frolf is for 15 year-old anarchist wannabes who loathe the idea of rules, structure and a predetermined course….

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