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Garden City: Listen Up!

Boise entrepreneur’s Matt and Mali Murphy save the day with their revolutionary Ear Hero earphones By Becky Davis Photography by Copper Chadwick Boise’s husband-and-wife team Matt and Mali Murphy are more than just audiologists. They are the creators of Ear…

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The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

The Linen District’s Outdoor Exchange offers a smorgasbord of sports gear for those itching to gear up and get out of town By Ken Levy Photography by Copper Chadwick With the great outdoors just a stone’s throw from the heart…

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Downtown: Bewitching Branding

Downtown: Bewitching Branding

The Charm School transforms everyday small business owners into marketing mavens By Liza Long Photography by Copper Chadwick Meshel Miller and Chelsea Snow are two of the most interesting people you will ever meet in Boise – which is saying…

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Best Intentions

Best Intentions

Caitlyn Davies world is an intoxicating array of heart notes and subtle scents By Laura Wolstenholme Photography by Copper Chadwick It’s a desk that immediately draws the eye when entering the Intentions studio. It’s dramatically beautiful and its high shelves…

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The Blue Wind Boy

Blues, folk and bluegrass musician, Michael Ray Cox was born a ramblin’ man, but is lucky enough to call Boise home By Kate Matthews Photography by Copper Chadwick Not only does Boise breed incredible talent, it inherits it too. We…

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The Time Traveler

Storyteller Ben Kemper celebrates Boise’s Sesquicentennial with new stories from Boise’s past By Laura Wolstenholme Photography by Copper Chadwick Dotted across this summer’s calendar are a series of new story performances by the talented storyteller Ben Kemper in honor of…

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Cinema Under the Stars

The long road west starts with a stop at the Parma Motor-Vu By Kate Matthews Photography by Copper Chadwick The trails of Boise don’t always lead to the mountains. In fact, if you hit the roads heading west past Caldwell…

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Out East: King of the Hill

The brother’s McCullough, along with partner Paul Nordby, breathe new life into the iconic Hilltop Station By Pamela Kleibrink Thompson Photography by Copper Chadwick Years ago, prospectors ventured into the mountains just east of Boise in search of gold. Today,…

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North End: Life Off the Ballot

Idaho public figure Nicole LeFavour is taking 2013 to slow down, reflect and recharge By Jamie Dillon Photography by Copper Chadwick It’s official: Nicole LeFavour is completely, totally unofficial. This articulate, bright-eyed, placid-but-firm civil-rights champion who’s used to having a…

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Mid-Century Modern Marvels

Jillopy’s Jill and Steven Fraser bring fine lines and classic design to the Boise Bench and beyond By Nicole Sharp Photography by Copper Chadwick A bright orange van sits in front of Jillopy’s colorful and inviting Latah storefront. Peeking through…

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