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A Stroll, a Sleigh, and a Trebuchet

Fall brings fun and festivities to the Idaho Botanical Garden By Laura Wolstenholme Photography Courtesy of the Idaho Botanical Garden After an exciting summer filled with brilliant foliage, live music and outdoor movies, it’s hard to imagine that the Idaho…

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Miss Kniss

BSU Grad Student Jenn Kniss is the epitome of geek chic. By Taylor Cunningham Photography by Copper Chadwick Jen Kniss is a third-year graduate student in the Computer Science program at Boise State University (BSU). While her main interest is…

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A Breath of Glass

Zion Warne’s mercurial art illuminates Garden City’s arts community. By Kirk Walton Photography by Copper Chadwick Zion Warne is a local Boisean with an unusual passion – he transforms scorching hot glass into exotic works of art. He’s been blowing…

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Boise, Radiothon is ramping up and it’s time to put your money where your mouthpiece is. By Kate Matthews Photography by Nena Earl Radio Boise has only been rocking our local airwaves since April 2011, yet it’s already hard to…

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Instant Laughter: Just Add Liquid

Deep down, Boise funnyman Dylan Haas knows he’s hilarious. By Amy Larson Photography by Nena Earl With open mic Wednesdays and touring comics, Liquid Laughs is the epicenter of Boise’s standup comedy scene. Humor seekers hitting BoDo’s Liquid on any…

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Viva Vega

Meet the Mastermind behind the Boise Creative Center. By Nicole Sharp Photography by Nena Earl This September, local artists Alex and Jamie Vega are opening the doors of the Boise Creative Center (BCC), a multi-purpose artists space located on the…

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Love and Exile

Nathaniel Hoffman and Nicole Salgado tell true stories of American citizens affected by immigration laws. By Liza Long Photography by Copper Chadwick In June 2013, Boise journalist Nathaniel Hoffman and writer Nicole Salgado, who now lives in Mexico, entered the…

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Flamenco Flare

District 19 infuses flourish and flare into Boise’s cultural scene By Clark Gillespie Photography by Nena Earl Inside Starbelly School of Dance, the musty smell of heat and sweat competes with the voice that firmly counts out steps as pulsating…

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Slated for Success

Jennifer Isenhart and Tom Hadzor’s Wide Eye Productions bring home the gold with its labor of love: Idaho, the Movie. By Pamela Kleibrink Thompson Photography by Copper Chadwick Jennifer Isenhart grew up “running through the halls of various Northwest television…

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We all have the place in Idaho… Words and Photography by Kate Matthews Every summer my son and I (along with Aunty Jamie who lives in NYC) unplug for as long as we dare and head north on Highway 21….

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