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Everybody Makes History

A Historical Renovation is in the Near Future by Chelsea Chambers, photos by IHS People are created in the image of their culture. It builds definition, purpose, and a sense of belonging. With so much history and many stories being…

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Fitness Meets Fun

Camp Rhino Finds Ways to Make You Want to Work by Brittany Sailors, photos by Tiffany Howard If you’re anything like most Americans, myself included, you’ve joined and cancelled more gym memberships than you can recall. Each time you attempt…

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I Think I’m Falling For You

There Are Plenty of Reasons to Fall in Love With Fall by Lonni Leavitt-Barker, photos by Mark Dyrud Ahhh, fall, we are waiting for you. Waiting for you to light the trees on fire with your golden paint brush. To…

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Cheers to Beers and the People That Craft Them

A Tribute to the Booming Industry of Idaho Brewing by Chelsea Chambers, photos by Mark Dyrud We, in the City of Trees, are forever blessed with beautiful natural resources, diverse terrains, and the glory of being part of a state…

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Service Before Self

A Homecoming for Idaho Heroes by Brittany Sailors, photos by Tiffany Howard Have you ever been at the Boise Airport and glanced across the runway? If so, you’ve likely seen the A-10 Thunderbolt, more affectionately known as the “warthog,” a…

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Whole New Brew

Westward Coffee is What Makes Boise A Special Place by Blane Russell, photos by Tracy Russell & Rossi Boise is the perfect-sized city, so it’s not surprising that people who have been playing goldilocks and moving around from state to…

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Eat Well, Do Good

Even Stevens Sandwich Shop Gives Back to the Boise Community by Liza Long, photos by Tiffany Howard What if you could enjoy a fresh, delicious sandwich or salad while listening to live local music on a patio overlooking Boise’s Freak…

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The Hyde House

Delightful Dining in Hyde Park by Lonni Leavitt-Barker, photos by Tiffany Howard Prepare to be smitten before you even walk in the door— make that walk up the sidewalk. The newly opened Hyde House restaurant in Hyde Park is a…

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Armed and Prepared

by Brittany Sailors, photos by Tiffany Howard We’ve all heard the idiom “armed and dangerous” and what typically comes to mind is the image of a criminal recklessly holding a gun. How then, would a law-abiding citizen be described, should…

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Supporting The WCA

Helping the Women’s and Children’s Alliance Help Others by Pamela Kleibrink Thompson, photos by Tiffany Howard My dream is that one day, we would not be necessary,” shares Susan Kelley, Development Director of the Women and Children’s Alliance of Boise….

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