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The Most Magical Place

Camp Rainbow Gold Provides a Safe, Healing Place by Lonni Leavitt-Barker, photos by Tiffany Howard Over the past several years, I can’t tell you how many people have told me, “Oh, I could never handle having a child with cancer….

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The Art Behind The Story

The BAM Tall Tales Exhibit Sparks a Creative Conversation by Liza Long, photos by BAM We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. This September, Lacey Daley, Zack M. Evans, and Hannah Rodabaugh, three local writers with…

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Downtown Meridian

The City Attracting More Growth by Marissa Lovell, photos by GROW.IDEAS.HERE Idaho’s fastest city growing city since 1994, Meridian is no stranger to progress and growth. Recently named America’s best city to live in by USA Today, the Boise Valley’s…

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The Idaho Technology Council

Growing Idaho’s Innovation Economy by Malcolm Hong, photos by ITC When most people think of Idaho, the first thing that often comes to mind is our state’s iconic potatoes. Although our ability to grow the world’s best potatoes is well…

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Balmshot is Hot

Uniquely Packaged Lip Balm Catches On by Brad Carlson, photos by Tiffany Howard Wayne S. Forrey, community planner turned inventor and manufacturer, cranked out shotshell-encased lip balms so fast in his southwest Boise garage one winter that he considered moving…

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No Fish Out Of Water

Jim Everette is a Familiar Face in the Pool by Brad Carlson, photos by Tiffany Howard A what’s-old-is-new-again career move for Jim Everett gives swimmers at The College of Idaho a uniquely qualified coach and lets the rest of the…

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Horror Film Festival

An Exciting & Frightening Event in Boise by Lonni Leavitt-Barker, photos by IHFF Time to warm up your “blood curdlers,” as in screams. Mid-October marks the 3rd annual Idaho Horror Film Festival. It doesn’t matter whether you thrive on blood,…

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Elevate208 at Cinder Wines October 7th

Join us for a fantastic night of women in music! We will be keeping it local and hosting some of the most powerful women musicians in the Boise area; Emily Tipton, Meghan Watters, Niccole Blaze, Mo Kelly, Rochelle Smith, Rebecca…

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Hastings – The end of an Era

Video rental stores and record shops have been a monthly if not weekly part of my life since I was a kid. I remember going to rent movies with my parents when I was a kid. When I was 17…

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Keep an eye on this Boise startup

  Food for thought By Tia Crabtree You feel a little sick and then a wave of uncontrollable nausea sets in. It’s been seven to eight hours after you’ve eaten at your favorite restaurant, and your self diagnosis is food…

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