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Finding Peace in Boise

Greenbelt Magazine Welcomes L.A. Photographer Kimberlee Miller Story Chelsea Chambers  Photos Kimberlee Miller As we all know, there aren’t many places like Idaho. More densely populated areas far away from nature make it tough to find even a moment’s peace…

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Pipe Dreams

The Boise Sculptor Turning Steel Pipes into Storied Art Story  Rachel Holt   Photos Kimberlee Miller D’Arcy Bellamy’s metal sculptures have been described conversely as dangerous and whimsical. There’s a contrary feeling to many of Bellamy’s metal pieces—shiny surfaces spite rough…

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Big Tree Arts

Boise non-profit delivers education and performance poetry By Chelsea Chambers Poetry slam enthusiast Cheryl Maddalena started non-profit Big Tree Arts (BTA) in July 2007 when she saw the local need for more literature and performance art education. (A poetry slam is a…

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Recycled Minds Comedy

Changing Lives Through Benefits of Improv Story Megan Bryant   Photo Recycle Minds Back in high school, Sean Hancock discovered the magic of improvisation – that high-energy space where he and his friends felt safe exploring unharnessed creativity in a nurturing,…

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Cooler Crabbin’

Deadliest Catch Star’s Unlikely Nampa Transition Story Drew Dodson   Photos Kimberlee Miller Ever wonder what the difference is between designing coolers and battling 40-foot seas, gale-force winds and salty crewman? Probably not as much as you might think, if you…

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Eyes of the World Imports

Story  Katie Kapro   Photos Krista Melone – Five By Five Photography Every day, countless commuters take 16th Street through downtown Boise’s Linen District. But only those in the know take a left at the red stucco building on the…

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Natural Intelligence

How the brain is inspiring the future of technology in Boise Story and Photos Marissa Lovell Imagine only being able to process one thing at a time. For every thought, sight, smell or movement, you would have to process each…

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Architectural Beauty: Comparing Boise to the Other Artsy Hotspots in the U.S.

While Boise was officially incorporated by the government in 1864, it is still a relatively young metropolis, however it has developed rapidly over the years in various aspects including the city’s architecture. Many impressive buildings are now focal points of…

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One Haute Cookie – Pretty Enough to Eat

STORY TAYLOR WALKER | PHOTOS JIM PETERSON Grandma was right all along — food brings people together. A study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology found that closeness and trust between strangers improves when they’re noshing on the same things….

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Athlos Academies

Often times charter schools are founded by dedicated educators with a great idea for an educational system, but little-to-no experience on the business of running a school. That’s where we come in. We provide them with support,” shared Camille Wells,…

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