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Meet the Mentor

STORY BY NORRIS KRUEGER, PHD | PHOTOS BY KIMBERLEE MILLER In all of my experience as an entrepreneurial champion, entrepreneurship scholar and — yes — an entrepreneur, the active presence of great role models and great mentors is crucial. I…

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BOSCO Artists Open Their Homes

Story by Pamela Kleibrink Thompson | Photos by Amanda Antilla A few years ago, my husband Lance and I toured the Boise Open Studios, which happens the second weekend in October. This year, the Artists’ Open Studios weekend tour is…

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Retrolux- Lighting the Future

STORY LIZA LONG |  PHOTOS KIMBERLEE MILLER   Tucked away on the third floor of the historic Alaska Building in downtown Boise is a start-up software company that just might change the world—or at least the way we light it….

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Paddles Up Poké

STORY CHELSEA CHAMBERS |  PHOTOS JIM PETERSON The phrase “paddles up” is a rafting term that means to attack the rapids head on, facing the challenges to come. For business partners and long-time friends, Dan Landucci and Jordan Tapangco, paddles…

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Rooney Mae – Fabric of Dreams

STORY Bavani | PHOTOS Christopher Ryan McCoy Flowy silhouettes, designed to hug and flatter curves that accentuate the real woman is how one would describe Meagan Jones’ fashion genius. From Rodeo Queen, IT specialist and rock star to fashion entrepreneur,…

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Surf’s Up

Story by Chelsea Chamber, Photos by Amanda Antilla While The Corridor Paddle and Surf Shop founder Victor Myers hails from the Midwest, he grew up kayaking for most of his childhood, so he is no stranger to the water. He…

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Style at Home

Story by Emily Baker From modest family homes to sprawling estates, this year’s award-winning Parade of Homes revealed designs that can be replicated at any budget. In both style and function, Idahoans are changing the way we use our homes….

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A WaterShed Moment

Story by Brittany Sailors, Amanda Antilla Watershed |wa-ter-shed| noun 1.An area or ridge of land that separates waters flowing to different rivers 2.An event or period marking a turning point in a course of action The Boise River is an…

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Anthea Skincare

Story by Chelsea Chambers, Photos by Amanda Antilla The early morning light shines through the trees and awakens the seedlings from their nighttime slumber. Leaves outstretch their stalks, reaching for the rising sun. Flowers emerge into full bloom as honeybees…

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Local NY Times Bestselling Author A.K. Turner

Story by Bavani, Photos by Amanda Antilla New York Times bestselling author Amanda Turner — A.K. Turner to her fans – confessed that she was unsure of how to classify her writing genre to when she first started out. It…

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