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Riverside Hotel – The Perfect Stay-cation!

STORY AK TURNER | PHOTOS SUBMITTED Every summer my husband and I pack our bags, load up the truck with luggage, a cooler, bikes, and our two young daughters and drive 3.4 miles to the Riverside Hotel. We’ve enjoyed our…

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The Yardarm

Story by Chelsea Chambers, Photos by Amanda Antilla yärd-ärm: the outer extremity of a ship’s yard. When the sun is over the yardarm, it’s time to start drinking! Nestled in Garden City next to Whitewater Park and a stone’s throw from…

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Elevate208 at Cinder Wines October 7th

Join us for a fantastic night of women in music! We will be keeping it local and hosting some of the most powerful women musicians in the Boise area; Emily Tipton, Meghan Watters, Niccole Blaze, Mo Kelly, Rochelle Smith, Rebecca…

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Gem State Gaming Convention

By Rachel Holt Photographer: Mark Dryud Growing the gaming community is good for everyone. If at least one person walks away happy with a new game, we have succeeded, said Derek Howard, Convention Chairmen for Gem State Gaming Convention (GSGC)….

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On the Trail to the Future

by Pamela Kleibrink Thompson photography by Ken Levy If you are like many in the Treasure Valley, you probably drive or have driven through Garden City on your way to or from downtown Boise. But some are discovering that Garden…

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A Tale of Love and Security

Story by Sheryl Gifford Photography by John Webster Once upon a time not so long ago, there lived a handsome Prince who wore the uniform of a man in the United States Air Force. While he had not yet met…

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For Boise Drummer Todd Chavez, the Beat Goes On

Thinking Outside of the Box of Musical Instrument Design Story and Photography Pete Grady With deliberate and confident strokes, Boisean Todd Chavez taps, hits, raps, thuds, slaps, and thwacks the wooden box he is perched on.  The steady, rhythmic beats…

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Music’s Ultimate Intimate Setting

By Christy Stansell If you love live music and concerts but you hate the throbbing ears and headache you endure for hours afterwards, you will be beyond thrilled with this announcement:  There’s a new entertainment experience in town.  Introducing Andy…

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The Sound of Local Music

Steve Eaton talks about the Idaho Song Writers Association. By Emma Arnold Photography by Candace Sweet Steve Eaton wasn’t looking to start a movement; he just wanted to make friends. While living in Nashville, he regularly attended a singer/songwriter night…

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Family Tradition

Scott Tharp’s family tradition will get you sauced. By Jynx Jenkins Photos Courtesy of Scott Tharp During the holiday season, family traditions abound. And, from festive gatherings of friends and family to the more intimate moments shared between you and…

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