Daily Archives : July 5, 2013

Foaming at the Mouth

The locavore movement has spilled into craft beer and Boise’s microbreweries are expanding their facilities to meet the increasing demand By Ken Levy Photography by Copper Chadwick Whether quaffing a local in-house brew or picking up six packs from longtime…

July 5, 2013

Stick and Ball

With summer in full swing, Bike Polo offers Boise cyclists a fresh take on a classic sport By Kirk Walton Photography by Copper Chadwick On a summer evening, you might be surprised to see a pack of cyclists swinging mallets…

July 5, 2013

BoDo: Center Stage

For Boise Contemporary Theater’s Dwayne Blackaller the world is a stage, but he is no mere player By Elisabeth McKetta Photography by Copper Chadwick “Two and a half years ago,” Dwayne Blackaller tells me with the enthusiasm of somebody who…

July 5, 2013