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Architectural Beauty: Comparing Boise to the Other Artsy Hotspots in the U.S.

While Boise was officially incorporated by the government in 1864, it is still a relatively young metropolis, however it has developed rapidly over the years in various aspects including the city’s architecture. Many impressive buildings are now focal points of…

September 15, 2017

One Haute Cookie – Pretty Enough to Eat

STORY TAYLOR WALKER | PHOTOS JIM PETERSON Grandma was right all along — food brings people together. A study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology found that closeness and trust between strangers improves when they’re noshing on the same things….

September 1, 2017

Athlos Academies

Often times charter schools are founded by dedicated educators with a great idea for an educational system, but little-to-no experience on the business of running a school. That’s where we come in. We provide them with support,” shared Camille Wells,…

September 1, 2017

America The Beautiful Dreamer and Renditions

STORY Veronica Lemaster | PHOTOS Jim peterson “When you come in, you almost never see the same thing twice,” owners Randy and Cherie Shelton said of their store, America The Beautiful Dreamer and Renditions. The duo married just out of high…

September 1, 2017

Bronco Athletic Association Bleeds Blue

STORY Kerisa West | PHOTOS SUBMITTED There’s nothing quite like the excitement of kickoff on a crisp autumn night. The blue turf, the roar of the crowd, the spirit of the band, and, most importantly, the skills of our beloved…

September 1, 2017

Riverside Hotel – The Perfect Stay-cation!

STORY AK TURNER | PHOTOS SUBMITTED Every summer my husband and I pack our bags, load up the truck with luggage, a cooler, bikes, and our two young daughters and drive 3.4 miles to the Riverside Hotel. We’ve enjoyed our…

September 1, 2017

Paddleboard Guy

STORY DREW DODSON | PHOTOS KIMBERLEE MILLER   Meet Dennis Terenzio, or as many people know him, “The Paddle Board Guy.” Born and raised in greater Seattle, Dennis has spent most of his life on the water. Now he seeks…

September 1, 2017


STORY Chelsea Chambers | PHOTO SUBMITTED           KegFit’s origin goes back to October of 2014 on the Capitol Steps.  Founder Dirk Manley loves staying fit, but once Idaho weather takes its fall turn, there’s no going back until…

September 1, 2017

Kingdom Henna

STORY TAYLOR WALKER | PHOTOS Jesse Bridgewater It’s not uncommon to recall visual memories more accurately than words. A missionary in southeast Asia understood this phenomenon when he used henna to etch interpretations of Bible stories onto the hands of…

September 1, 2017

David Wali – Skiing Mountains and Moving Them, Too

STORY Pamela Kleibrink Thompson  | PHOTOS BY JIM PETERSON   If Boise’s convention space seems bigger and busier than ever, look no further than visionary David Wali. Wali, an executive vice president of the Gardner Company, worked with Gardner COO Tommy…

September 1, 2017