Kokua Cream

August 9, 2019

Local Business Offers a Natural Health Option for Pain Management

Story By Erika Heeren
Photos By Emma Thompson

What began as a search for relief developed into a growing business for local entrepreneur, Mark Flory.

Flory, a former professional squash player, started to try the usual avenues of pain relief when years of athletic endeavors began to take a toll on his knees. “I was resorting to over-the-counter options that either didn’t work long term, or had a horrible smell,” Flory explained. “I was looking for something better.”

Flory started to dabble in aroma therapy and essential oils, and, after extensive training and experimentation, he found a combination of anti-inflammatory oils and other ingredients that lessened his pain. Excited about his newfound relief, he began to share his homemade cream with friends who complained about similar issues. The reaction was resoundingly positive. They reported relief from chronic ailments such as tennis elbow, low back pain, shoulder-and-neck pain, and other issues.

Flory took notes from his friends’ experiences, performed some more testing, and perfected his cream, and with that, Kokua Cream was born. The name is the Hawaiian word for “relief” – keeping in line with Flory’s goal to help people suffering from chronic pain.

Since its creation, Kokua Cream has been used by customers to help with general muscle soreness for athletes or the strains of everyday life, and even more serious concerns like pain from Lyme Disease or Crohn’s Disease.

Fans of essential oils and natural care will recognize the healing properties of the ingredients in the cream, which includes coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, peppermint, lemon, and frankincense essential oils, green tea extract, and more. Combined, the ingredients help to alleviate swelling and increase circulation. These benefits allow the body to heal.

When compared to other over-the-counter pain relief creams, Flory explains that Kokua Cream has the added benefit of being all natural and fast absorbing without the unpleasant smell commonly found in competing medications.

Flory is releasing Kokua Cream as a product under his business, Intuizio Health. Having established several successful businesses throughout his career, Flory considers himself a “serial entrepreneur”, and hopes to use his business acumen and love of natural health alternatives to build products like Kokua Cream into a whole line of offerings.

“My goal with Kokua Cream and the whole company is to help as many people as I can,” Flory explained.

Currently, Flory is working to find a local manufacturer to ensure that his growing business continues to support the Idaho community, while offering his product nationwide.

Customers can purchase Kokua Cream online on the company website. If you are interested in trying the product first, Flory offers a sample-sized jar for purchase as well. For the discerning shopper, Flory lists all of the ingredients on this website for consumer review.

For more information about Mark Flory and Kokua Cream, visit the website: www.kokuacream.com.