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Catrine McGregor

BY Catrine McGregor Photography Nyk Fry

People are always telling me that my ten-year-old daughter has a great personality and a great smile and should be an actress. Can you give me your thoughts?

Jerri K, Boise

I’m sure your daughter has a great personality, and though this can be an asset in acting, there is a lot more to it than that. Acting involves a commitment of time, energy and money. Both you and your daughter will need to know in advance how much time and dedication it will take to learn scripts, go to auditions, rehearse, etc. There will also be the costs of headshots and classes. Possibly the most important thing to look at is the rejection that she will face. If she is prepared to not get roles over and over when she has spent time learn the lines and go to auditions, you have a real trooper on your hands. If she has the interest, by all means, test the waters. But keep the above in mind while doing so.

I have been recruited to model and act at the mall. I was given a business card and they
want me to come in to interview. Is this legit?

Camilla Rose, Kuna

It depends what your definition is of “legit.” The Treasure Valley has very few talent agencies and management companies, so Google can let you know if they are an existing business. If they are, there is no problem meeting with them and seeing what they have to offer. Though it is true that every beginning actor or model needs to learn the craft, doing it though the agency is seldom a good idea. There are classes that are better and cheaper in the Treasure Valley. The rule of thumb is that if they want you to pay anything upfront or on an on-going basis, say NO.

The film and TV industries are growing rapidly in the Treasure Valley and there is mor and more of a call for actors. If you’ve ever had interest in acting for you – or your child – Catrine McGregor will answer your questions. She is a veteran film industry professional and had been instrumental in the on-screen success of many actors.


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