A New View of the World – Caitria Gunter

Bosco Artist Caitria

By Chelsea Chambers
Photos Emma Thompson

The beauty of art is often its originality—knowing that it has stemmed from somewhere deep within the creator, exploding out into a myriad of mediums, bursting into our reality. And while all art has its own inherent creativity, there are some pieces that stop you dead in your tracks and all you can do is stare, awestruck.

I’ve never seen an artist like Caitria Gunter. The depth, the passion, the unique use of mediums—it’s all so incredibly moving. Her pieces are both a macro and micro view of our living world. It’s almost as if you were looking at them from the peak of the tallest mountain with the highest telescopic lens possible. It’s like being able to see inside the moon from where I am standing here on Earth.

Using materials like fabric, hair, paper, wire, and wax, Caitria has the ability to create and share her artistic mind in a way that could not be easily replicated. In fact, her art has been so well-revered that she’s been featured and exhibited all over the world, in places like South Korea and Ukraine.

Originally from New Jersey, Caitria has explored the US and lived in several different states. But she found herself missing the mountain lifestyle, so she moved here from Philedelphia about a year ago and loves all of the amazing outdoor experiences that Idaho has to offer and spends a good chunk of her time hiking, camping, and backpacking with her dog and boyfriend.

“Nature is my main source of inspiration,” Caitria shares. “I love having unlimited access to the wilderness.”

Her creativity began to blossom when she was young. “I used to go to thrift stores and find old clothing and materials to take apart and turn into something new, always enjoying working with my hands and the process of creating things. I ended up going to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia for college and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Crafts, with a concentration in Fibers.”

Her college experience really solidified her medium-of-choice. “I learned traditional fiber and textile techniques, but also explored the construction of sculptural forms and surfaces using repetitive processes, with an emphasis on pliable and found materials. This approach has allowed me to experiment with an array of materials and methods, from burning intricate lace-like holes in paper to crocheting airy forms with horsehair, sculpting with fabric and wax, and ephemeral projects.”

Caitria has plans to develop a series of small ceramic sculptures but, of course, has many other project ideas that she can’t wait to bring to fruition. Don’t miss Caitria at the BOSCO open studio tours this October 10 and 11!

To see more of Caitria’s stunning artwork, visit her website www.caitriagunter.com or check her out on Instagram @caitriagunter.