Syringa Art Studio


Where Art and Idaho Meet

By Kayli Corbin

Photos Kimberlee Miller

Creative expression is such a fulfilling way to contribute beauty to the world we live in. Art is all around us and is unique to the individual creating it. Passion, inspiration, accomplishment, and joy can be crafted alongside whatever masterpiece you create. Whether you’re a novice who’s wondered about watercolor or an experienced master of expressionism, Syringa Art Studio is here to help you hone your craft.

The warm inviting space begs to be created in and is an expression of art itself. Pops of color adorn the walls and the décor embodies a rustic and comfortable vibe. Syringa offers a variety of courses, open studio times, and art parties. All teachers are experienced, educated, passionate, and have a love for sharing their talent. The courses are very instructionally focused and Syringa caters to skill building and creative choice. Each class emphasizes a different theme/medium and has time for one-on-one guidance, tips, and attention. With owners who have a background in education, you’re sure to walk away with more than a painting.

Jaimee Johnston and Kam Walters are the co-owners of Syringa Art Studio and both have an unending passion for creation. Jaimee began art courses at six years old and has since earned her credential in art education, gained experience teaching at Sawtooth Middle School, and received her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Kam has worked as a teacher in alternative middle schools and will begin teaching at Timberline this year. Jaimee had previously held after school classes for art, but a lack in funding ceased the program. The need for Syringa Art Studio became ever apparent, pushing Kam and Jaimee to pool their resources and create a place for adults and children alike to express themselves.

Jaimee says, “It has been a lifelong dream to open my own art studio in downtown Boise. I love teaching art so much, that doing it during school hours never feels like enough. I could teach art all day, every day and be happy…Another passion of mine is to create my own artwork. I use art to express the feelings I have no words for.” Jamiee’s art has been shown in a variety of galleries and her recent style focuses on the social dynamic of womanhood. Kam is a published poet and his words frequently inspire her creations.

The future of Syringa Art Studio is limitless. Kam and Jaimee’s dedication to teaching the artistic method in a fun and comfortable environment makes them the obvious choice for anyone looking to further develop their skills. Syringa is consistently working to broaden their class selection and integrate guest teachers. They encourage anyone who is interested in art, no matter what kind, to reach out and explore what is available. Whether it’s Disney Princesses, anime, or advanced paintings, Syringa has something for you.

Find more information on class schedules, party bookings, or personal instruction on their website or by emailing