Bright Spot of Boise – Liran and Yuval


Bright Spot: a good thing that occurs during a bad or difficult time.

The coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the globe is an extraordinarily strange and challenging time.  As we are shuttered in our homes, collectively concerned about our health, our finances and our neighbors, we are finding there are bright spots in this fundamental shift in how we relate to others and the world. To share your bright spot please email

Liran Altman Kadury – Advertising and Creative Director
Yuval Altman Kadury – Creative and copywriter
Yahel Altman Kadury – Four-year old daughter of Liran and Yuval
Newborn baby of Liran and Yuval
Tsofi Kadury – Liran’s mother
Judith Altman – Yuval’s mother

The Altman-Kadury’s were in Boise for their newborn son’s birth through a surrogate in early April. They live in Tel-Aviv, Isreal and their native language is Hebrew.

“We got to stay in Boise during the COVID-19 crisis.  While we could we traveled the parks and lakes in the area. We got to see what the nature is like when people take a step back and we saw the town change from winter to spring.
Most of the stores, restaurants and bars were closed but we enjoyed driving the highways through melting snowy mountains. We came here for our son’s birth to find a magical place and for sure we’ll come back again with him when he’s grown up.”