Designing a Dream


Amanda Fitch designs
By Chelsea Chambers  Photography Kimberlee Miller
Have you ever had a dream that you weren’t quite sure how to pursue? Have you ever had someone tell you that your dreams weren’t worth pursuing? For Amanda Fitch, overcoming these obstacles was one of the biggest challenges that stood in the way of her dream—but from where she is now, it’s hard to imagine ever looking back!
Amanda moved around a lot as a child, making it difficult to grasp a sense of stability. “I’ve lived in a total of nine states; eight of which were just in my childhood,” she explains. But in 2004, the promise-land of Boise, and her now-husband, drew Amanda in, and this is where she has stayed since.
So, what exactly is Amanda’s dream? “I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer. It had been my dream to see the clothes I design on the red carpet or TV. I took every sewing class and fashion design class that was offered. I had plans to study it outside out high school, but, unfortunately, I had a very toxic person in my life.” The negative things that this person said began to wear on her. You should just give up now because you’re going to embarrass yourself. And for ten years, she did.
Amanda’s best friend reignited the flames of her design dreams by buying her a sewing machine, and soon, it all came flooding back. “In less than two years, I did two fashion shows and worked on two movie sets doing costume design,” Amanda announces proudly. And the designs just keep coming.
“My biggest challenge was trying to get over my demons telling me that I can’t do this. And it took a while to finally get over the fear of failing and start thinking, yes, I can and I will do this!”
Design is an artform, and Amanda has the eye for it. Being a very visual person, her passion has allowed her to create and self-express, all while helping others.
Amanda vends at Goddess Fest every year, and is currently working on the set of Paranormal Prison, which is scheduled to premier here in Boise this October. She tries to get out to the local comic-conventions and takes commissions, but not while she is working on big projects. Her goals for the future are to do design work full-time and to continue creating costumes for movies, television, and fashion shows. “I also love being able to help consult on visual wearable art, so I would like to host costume design classes to people who are just starting out, or those that need some encouragement to follow their dreams, too!”
Amanda’s story is incredibly inspirational, and is a reminder to never give up on your dreams, no matter the adversities you face.
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