Edwards Greenhouse


By Shelly West

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” Audrey Hepburn.

Family owned and operated, Edwards Greenhouse has been serving Boise residents since 1930. Their history is as rich as the soil in which they grow their plants. Edwards Greenhouse started as a vegetable farm in the early days, delivering their crops door-to-door, and has now become a long-standing nursery and greenhouse. Edwards represents stability and tradition in an ever-changing world.

Garnette, who has been running Edwards since 1986 says, “One of our main goals is education. Because we are an 88-year-old business, we feel that is part of our responsibility. Our goal is to teach people how to be successful at gardening and how to enjoy it. Increasingly, studies have been done to support the link between gardening and health values.”
To obtain their goal of being a community resource, the greenhouse has many classes and workshops throughout the year. Some of these classes include Earthworms at Edwards which is offered to children ages 3-12. This is a hands-on opportunity for kids to learn about things like different soils and how to start seeds. Other classes include edible landscaping and rose pruning.

Another is classes by YogaPop, instructed by Jason Allen Carr. A unique and inspiring class held in the greenhouse during the fall and winter then moved outside into the gardens during warmer weather. The gardens are also open to tours from clubs and school groups and they allow photoshoots on-site.

Edwards also offers other events like Evenings at Edwards. Starting in June, every third Tuesday evening enjoy local musicians playing in the Greenhouse along with beer and wine for purchase. Bring your picnic basket and enjoy the 1.5 acre test gardens, while taking in the sights and smells of summer in the garden.

The Greenhouse consists of a vast 90,000 square foot ecosystem that changes seasonally. Their offerings include annual vegetables, fruits, and berries. Potted crops as well as flowering shrubs, trees, annual and perennial flowers, and succulents. In addition to the greenhouse, they have an on-site florist and a retail store stocked with unique gift items, horticulture tools, and supplies.

“It’s difficult for people who have lived here all their lives to watch the community change so much. It is also our responsibility to continue to provide a business that locals recognize. We provide tradition in a business that is multi-generational with well-seasoned employees,” Garnette notes.

In the spirit of creating a tradition, over Mother’s Day weekend, for a nominal fee, kids can make a potted plant for their loved ones. They can even get their picture taken with their creation. They’ve been doing this event for eight years running and Garnette notes that many families have participated every year.

To sum up Edwards Greenhouse, Garnette offers this, “While technology is changing everything around us, we try to offer one way for people stay grounded.”

Edwards Greenhouse is open Monday-Saturday 9-5 pm. They are located at 4106 Sand Creek Street in Boise. For more information about the services and classes offered, visit their website at www.edwardsgreenhouse.com.