Terri Pickens Manweiler, women and children’s advocate.

By Pamela Kleibrink Thompson, photography by Mark Dyrud

Terri Pickens Manweiler wanted to be an attorney since winning her first school sanctioned debate at age 12. “I wanted to save the world–to spare all kids my age from going through what I did. I had a very challenging upbringing. I did not have a supportive parental structure.”

Perhaps that challenging upbringing led to her passion for helping others. Now she is a managing partner of Pickens Cozakos, P.A., a Hope Level Corporate Pillar for the Women’s and Children’s Alliance, and a volunteer attorney for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). “My greatest professional passion is helping women and children,” Pickens Manweiler said. When asked about her greatest achievement, she replied, “I was a TWIN (Tribute to Women in Industry) honored by the Women’s and Children’s Alliance.”

Pickens Manweiler also advocates for the advancement of women in the practice of law. “Being a woman in this profession in Idaho is very difficult without thick skin and a fast wit,” she said. “I do not appreciate being judged for my gender alone, which happens surprisingly often. I am not the only female attorney with this concern for the Idaho Bar.”

But she has hopes for the future. “My mentee and paralegal, Shannon Pearson, who is now a third year law student at Concordia Terri-Pickens-0020School of Law, has followed my lead in pursuing her passion to be in the court room and become a strong female attorney. She is doing a fantastic job as a licensed legal intern and will be a remarkable attorney,” Pickens Manweiler says.

Specializing in real estate, business, and estate planning, Pickens Manweiler has been involved in law for 18 years. Though some believe Pickens was the first law firm in Idaho to be an all female company, it actually wasn’t, but according to Pickens Manweiler, “certainly the firm overcame many odds to become so successful. We are the only all-female litigation law firm focusing on large commercial and real estate litigation.”

A 16-year resident of Boise, Pickens Manweiler is passionate about her family–her 11-year old daughter, 5-year old son, and her stepdaughter Molly. She met her husband Mark Manweiler, a prominent Boise criminal defense attorney, through a mutual friend. Pickens Manweiler notes, “Our practices are pretty different, so I’m so glad his friend introduced us! I don’t see him in court.” Her family also includes animals– four cats ( Stella, Stud, Thelma and Louise), two dogs (Lucy, a 13 year old pudelpointer, and Angel a two year old Havanese schnauzer cross), a one- year old pygmy goat named Ringo Star, and two rabbits (Sonny and Cher).

When asked what she likes most about the law, Pickens Manweiler replied, “The thrill of advocacy in the court room, the appreciation of a satisfied client, and the freedom the profession affords me to work to live rather than live to work.”

Pickens Manweiler is inspired by the poet Maya Angelou. “She overcame the most difficult odds to become a voice of peace and reason. She was a true champion for women’s and children’s rights.”

Pickens Manweiler hopes to create “a world that treats my daughter just like my son.”

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