Life’s Kitchen Makes Good During COVID-19


Story by bavani

Life’s Kitchen has chosen to take a positive approach by turning their temporary closure into a mission of making meals to meet community needs.

Matt Hoffman, the catering manager at Life’s Kitchen, has taken this project one step further by appealing to the generosity of our community to help reach those who are most vulnerable and do not have access to these meals.

Hoffman is a living example of “kindness begets kindness”.  He has been using the outpouring of donations to put together bag lunches and care packages to hand out.

When asked what his source of inspiration is for helping others, he says, “I’m a recovering heroin addict.  I’ve been clean four years.  But really, I just care about people. My favorite quote is from Thich Nhat Hanh, ‘Let us fill our hearts with compassion for all beings, including ourselves.'”

Hoffman is requesting for donations of hygiene products, bottled water, sunscreen and the time of volunteers to help with making sandwiches.  For more details, visit Idaho Hearts United on Facebook.