Re-Envisioning Relics


Virgo Darling pairs new design with aged apparel.

Story Ryon Morrin  Photos Karen Krum

Kelsie Fields grew up in the small town of Buhl, ID, where she discovered her true passion: vintage apparel. As a teen, she was digging through her grandmother’s collection of jewelry, discovering relics of the past and re-purposing them as modern accessories. At the young age of 15, Fields had a photo feature in a hometown newspaper sporting her vintage treasures. Re-envisioning styles from previous eras is her specialty, and she has also drawn inspiration from her time abroad.

Just a few years ago, Fields decided to take her natural gift and harness it to start her very own online apparel shop, Virgo Darling. Initially, her business consisted of a self-managed website and various pop-up shop appearances at local favorites like Tree-fort Music Festival and West Elm. However, an opportunity arose when one half of the cottage she resides in became vacant. No longer occupied, Fields jumped on the newly-available space with the intent of turning it into her own boutique. After months of work, Fields had transformed the former living space into a thoughtfully-designed curated studio.

The response was tremendous; Fields never expected the sheer number of people who showed up at her storefront. The success she has experienced quickly lead her to setting regular business hours in combination with running a web-store, making her vintage selections available to all.

Virgo Darling is about more than just fashion; Fields has a vision for sustainable apparel shopping through up-cycling old pieces that deserve new life. In addition, she sources new clothing and jewelry from a number of Treasure Valley creators as well as other vendors around the nation.

Fields crafts her own Jewelry line, too. Virgo Creations, which can be found on her site, is a line of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces made by hand. Each one has an origin story which tells the reader how she came to possess the stunning crystals as well as the healing properties they possess.

More is coming to the store in the near future. By Spring, Fields is planning to open the full kitchen of the cottage as a part of the shop. She envisions the full shop being a beautiful and inspirational space holding not only products, but events for the community. The ever-expanding business will feature a home goods section as well as a “little darlings” selection for babies and children.

Despite expanding her offerings, Fields continues to strive for a personal brand and shop that cuts down on waste. She truly wants to make an impact on our community and environment while embracing creative fashions and arts. Vintage clothing contains a story that Fields states, “lived far beyond our walls.” Wearing a piece of history is no small matter, and neither is adding to its timeline.