Project Flux in Garden City


Need to Wiggle? Take a Community Dance Class at Project Flux in Garden City 

How many opportunities do you have to dance, freely without judgment? Besides rallying at the club at 1 am, trying a salsa class once in your life, head bobbing in traffic, or shuffling your feet in the kitchen, our opportunities to dance in an open space are rare. 

But here is an opportunity — Community Classes at Project Flux and Par Terre Winery in Garden City, every Sunday morning from 11-12 pm.

Community Classes are open to all bodies to move, groove, and dance in a judgment-free zone. Forget if you know how to dance or not—these inclusive classes are open to people from all walks of life. The classes are guided by instructors who provide images, metaphors, and prompts to spur your movement.

What does this look like? Perhaps a glowing golden orb traveling through your body or making sand angels on the beach. The goal is simple: to move and feel good, mentally and physically. 

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Project Flux is the nonprofit organization behind these classes and other dance events in Boise. Since 2013, Project Flux has transformed non-traditions spaces into immersive dance environments.

Where can you catch a dance class? Project Flux found its new home in 2022 at Par Terre Winery on Chinden and 43rd Street. Inside the unique building, you’ll find barrels of wine, a seating area for tasting, a collection of rotating local art, and the dance floor. 

In addition to Community Classes, other events feature the cross-over of wine and dance performances. Tasting Notes is held once a month from 12:30-1:30 pm. Purchase a flight of wine, and give Project Flux company dancers the flavors, smells, and sights you pick up through the wine. The dancers will interpret these notes into a choreographed dance.

At the end of Community Class on Sunday, Artistic Director Lydia Sakolsky-Basquill says “If this is the end of your week, how do you want to end it? If it’s the start of the week, how do you want to start it?” 

Community Classes are about being alive, stretching ligaments, increasing the heart rate, smiling, and feeling gratitude for the week. 

Sign up for a class online at or by simply walking in for $15. Afterwards, enjoy a dollar off a glass of wine to watch Project Flux open rehearsal.