Blooms Flower Studio


The Healing Power of Flowers

“I must have flowers, always, and always.” – Claude Monet

By Chelsea Chambers

Photos by Kimberlee Miller

There is nothing in this world quite like the beauty of a flower. Vibrant colors contrasting against deep greens and luscious earth—every flower is a truly a blessing and a gift, from daisies to peonies and everything in between. We would truly be remiss not to stop and smell the roses from time to time, if not every time.

Julie Browne shares that deep love for flowers and has since she was a teenager. Growing up with a teacher for a mother and an entrepreneurial father, Julie learned at a young age how to be a successful business owner, and with that mindset, opened her first flower shop at the age of 20. “Looking back, I did not realize how much guts I had. And no fear.” And it does take a lot of guts to start a business, but Julie picked the industry that she knew and loved and she stuck with it.

Her store, Blooms Flower Studio, is kept extremely busy with both walk-ins and event planning. With everything under the sun from weddings to first dates, funerals and graduations, Julie and her team work diligently to craft the perfect, unique assortments and bouquets for each individual’s needs.

“I love making people smile and be happy. I have also learned to love to help people grieve when they have a loss in their family, and getting to know what that loved one was like. I love what the healing power of flowers gives to people,” says Julie, when asked what she loved about her job. Over the first several years, she had a hard time with funerals, but being such a large aspect of her business, she grew more accustomed to that environment and found the beauty in helping people get through the trying times in their lives. Flowers truly do bring joy and happiness. It is terribly difficult not to smile, at least a little bit, when smelling a fragrant lily or appreciating the bright colors of an iris.

With hundreds of thousands of different flowers across the world, it’s not easy to pick a favorite, but Julie is partial to roses herself. “It [roses] can have so many shapes and sizes. One can look like a peony, another ranuncula, and another a poppy.

She finds joy in helping each client, whether they are rushing in before heading to the courthouse for their nuptials or helping organize a large party, there is always something magical about creating floral arrangements.

Blooms also partners with several local businesses, such as The Chocolat Bar and Ladybug Press. Julie maintains that it is important to always shop and buy Idaho first.

Whatever your floral needs, Julie and Blooms Flower Studio have you covered! Whether you’re planning an event or just simply stopping in to smell the roses, all are welcome at Blooms!

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