Go Green – and Local


In 2016 Mixed Greens offers something for everyone

by Chelsea Chambers, photography by Mark Dyrud

If you’re taking a winter walk downtown, be mindful not to miss Mixed Greens on 9th Street between Idaho and Bannock. It’s nearly impossible to pass this store without
being tempted to stop in and see all of the unique and handcrafted items Mixed Greens has to offer. It’s the perfect place to find a gift for a special event or someone—maybe even yourself!

Owners Molly and Chris Gray met each other at Fairmont Junior High, spent some time in Seattle, and returned to Boise to get back to their roots and the friendly faces of Idaho. Mixed Greens came from their passion to share locally handcrafted gifts. The store opened its doors to Boise three years ago, and their original love for these unique and handcrafted gifts has only grown.

Boise is growing exponentially, and as business owners, Chris and Molly can really feel the expansion. Their customer base has grown with Boise, bringing new customers who become fans. Many of the people who stop in to Mixed Greens simply changed up their normal routine and walked down a different street – and much to their surprise, they found places that they didn’t even know existed. Chris and Molly feel that this experience is far from unusual in Boise. “We would like to encourage everyone to get out and walk somewhere new, and they’ll be sure to find something they didn’t know was there before,” Chris said.

Mixed Greens started as a place to show and sell the items made by Molly, including bath and body products, jewelry, and hand-made cards, and has evolved into a store that showcases a variety of handcrafted items from local artists and artisans. Before opening the store, Molly sold her products at the Saturday Market and Indie Made, as well as wholesale to stores like Whole Foods. Chris was an accountant and IT specialist before they two decided to go “all in” on Mixed Greens—a decision they don’t regret.

If you want to stay current, Mixed Greens puts out a monthly newsletter so customers can stay up to date on the various products cycling through the store. To subscribe, simply email info@ilikemixedgreens.com. They are very active on social media as well and have an amazing Instagram account with beautiful pictures of local products for sale. To see for yourself, follow them at @MixedGreensID on Twitter or Instagram. As the business has grown, they’ve expanded their product line to include items from several local artists and currently feature items from over 50 Boise and Idaho artists. Mixed Greens also provides gift wrapping at no cost and prides themselves on selling quality, local products that embody the ideas of unique and local. Shopping at Mixed Greens is one of the many ways to begin a New Year’s Resolution of buying locally more often and helping the community, all the while, getting one-of-a-kind gifts for those you love.