High Note Café


Honest Food and Conscious Consumption
By Kayli Corbin
Photography by Emma Thompson
The origin of the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ traces back to the 1800s. Something that is now used as a casual quip in health-related conversations has been a cornerstone of conscious consumption for hundreds of years. This deeply historic phrase is at the root of High Note Café’s philosophy and business model. Offering food products from spray-free local farmers, global gardens, and backlot farms means that you’re getting the highest-quality produce in each dining experience.
Maria Bahruth, owner of High Note, shared that her mission has always been to provide honest food. As a server at many restaurants, she struggled morally when she was forced to lie about how products were prepared and served. There is a plethora of false advertisement in today’s food industry, with restaurants boasting ‘home-made’ cuisine that is unpackaged and heated in a microwave.
Opened in the summer of 2012, High Note Café has been in the same quaint space off 5th Street downtown ever since. The walls are graced with beautiful local art and the soothing environment makes for a relaxing dining experience. Live local music is a staple that adds an incredible dynamic to this hidden gem. To this day, Maria works diligently to create a space for people to see live bands and be themselves without feeling hindered.
High Note recently made the transition to a fully vegan menu. Maria shared, “The documentary DOMINION was the final straw that made me close the operation and reopen as 100% vegan. Again, I just wanted to feel good and honest about what we are serving. If everyone knew the truth of the animal products industry, there’d be no doubt that going vegan is the only way to truly live honestly and healthily.”
Some crowd favorites include the Loaded Street Tacos, offering perfectly spiced black-bean tacos topped with pico de gallo, avocado salsa, shredded romaine, and dairy-free parmesan. Another house specialty is the Pesto Sandwich. Walnut-basil pesto is served on their homemade bread with grilled red-bell pepper, grilled oyster mushrooms, fresh spinach, tomato, and a rosemary-black pepper aioli. Even those of us who don’t engage in a fully vegan lifestyle can enjoy the flavorful dishes High Note has to offer.
Maria embodies her philosophies in her life and her business. She acknowledges the perceived risk in transitioning to a fully vegan menu, and had the following to share about her experience, “In case anyone else is feeling the weight of profiting off of the suffering, death, and torture of animals, but are afraid to sacrifice their livelihood – I just want everyone to know that our profits have never been higher, our volume has never been steadier, and our costs have never been lower. Vegan for the win! For the animals, for compassion, for the health of you and your family, and to save the planet.”
Stop by High Note Café and experience the taste of honest, cruelty-free, delicious meals and follow @HighNoteCafe on Facebook to stay up to date on all their awesome upcoming events.