Illumibrate and more

    ‘JUMP into Life’

    By Kayli Corbin  Photos Kimberlee Miller

    For years, the hole at 9th and Myrtle was an eyesore of an introduction to our beautiful city of Boise. The filling of this hole was accomplished by Jack’s Urban Meeting place (JUMP), and couldn’t be more representative of what JUMP has offered our community. We often find our own 9th Street holes. We feel unmotivated, lacking purpose, or simply detached from human interaction and playful self-expression. When those feelings arise, JUMP provides a place of inspiration, creativity, movement, playfulness, and great food. Which, not so ironically, correlate with the themes of each of the studios within JUMP.

    A delightful conversation with Kathy O’Neil, Community Engagement Director, left an immeasurable impression during my first experience at JUMP. A palpable energy embodies the space. Awe inspiring architecture paired with smiling faces and an expanse of nooks, interactive features, and spaces designed for expression creates a melting pot of, to put it simply: good vibes. A recent event, Illumibrate, highlighted some of the best of what JUMP offers.

    Illumibrate was defined by JUMP as a verb – to illuminate and celebrate the human spirit and our connectedness as a community. The theme of this light and color festival is the embodiment of human experience and how fortunate we are to be a part of it. Miranda Palacio, the Move Studio Coordinator and choreographer/dancer at Illumibrate, has worked tirelessly with her fiancé Andy Heikkila to create this magical performance. Andy was responsible for the lyrics, lead singing performance, and was the idea man behind the CHROMA concept the festival was based on. CHROMA is a description of how color influences our existence. Jesse Cordtz, the Play Studio Coordinator, created the light projection and Martin Sarasqueta, the Make Studio Coordinator, designed and built the custom stage. The creative mastermind of these talented individuals brought a light, color, and music experience unlike any other.

    JUMP’s emphasis on art and expression is highlighted in its Curating Curiosity Exhibit. This rotating feature of local artists allows us to explore and admire art created by community members. Maggie Maness is featured in March. She explained some of her inspiration, “I think that people are tied to art and colors in ways that not everyone understands; there is no denying that. Like music, they invoke emotions and thoughts that can deeply impact us… it [art] gives me a sense of purpose, strengthens my connection to a subject, and helps me understand more about myself and the world around me.”

    Kathy O’Neill and Maggie Soderberg, Director at JUMP, provided a summary of JUMP. “The guiding philosophy behind JUMP is that everyone has a gift or something to contribute to this world, and we are all capable of achieving things we never thought possible. JUMP is an opportunity for people to explore and cultivate their potential by trying something new, connecting with others, and expanding their imaginations.” I’m here to tell you that JUMP is a truly unique place, and one that cannot be adequately described in text. Stop simply driving by it and go inside for an amazing experience!

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