Keep an eye on this Boise startup



Food for thought

By Tia Crabtree

You feel a little sick and then a wave of uncontrollable nausea sets in. It’s been seven to eight hours after you’ve eaten at your favorite restaurant, and your self diagnosis is food poisoning. “This is not uncommon, one out of six will be effected by a food-borne illness each year,” says Gene Ioli with AmericanPharma Technologies, maker of PharmaWatch. Ioli is a co-founder of AmericanPharma, a Boise startup that is experiencing success with a patented temperature monitoring solution in healthcare. The same solution can be used in restaurants, although it’s not really an investment restaurants want to make.

Just recently the Idaho Statesman published several restaurants in violation of a.) Incorrect food cooling process b.) food not at proper hot holding temperature c.) Incorrect cold storage holding temperature of food. “Restaurants and all food establishments need to be aware of FSMA, the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act recently enacted early this year. Continuous temperatures monitoring of food storage, processing and manufacturing will soon be a requirement,” Ioli comments. More importantly the FDA will require documented responses to any temperature excursions discovered during the storage of all temperature sensitive foods. Like FDA’s new FSMA requirements, manufacturing compliance is on the mind of everyone in healthcare and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. PharmaWatch continuous wireless monitoring solution was designed to automate compliance tasks required by these regulations. More importantly, PharmaWatch was designed to improve public health and safety through the cold storage management of sensitive pharmaceuticals and protein derived products. The solution prevents human error and the kind of inventory corruption that can result in the distribution of spoiled consumables, sub-potent products and therapeutic failure.

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