Meet Global Lounge!


Story by Donna Kovaleski, Photo Submitted

“You may have noticed things are changing in the Treasure Valley as Idaho continues to welcome new students, business people, and others resettling here to share in the beauty and great lifestyle we love in Idaho.  You may not have yet noticed there is a small non-profit working hard in the cultural corner to bring people together across ethnicities, generations, and economic bands to tell the stories of our collective heritage through the arts. Meet Global Lounge (GL for short), a 501(c) (3) established in 2006 powered by a collection of professionals, educators, artists, and many energetic residents banding together to showcase some of Idaho’s hidden gems.

Global Lounge is committed to preservation, education, integration, and the promotion of cultural awareness by harnessing the power and beauty of diversity for individual and community development.This is done by building culturally infused communities through programs and events that give Idaho residents the chance to get hands-on with music, art, dance, storytelling and mentorship in the arts and humanities.

The Perks…a community united!

Growing together as a community requires understanding and validation of our unique experiences and backgrounds.The ability to share one’s cultural heritage builds a sense of pride and belonging. Feeling welcome and having a mechanism to share strengthens individuals, families, and builds a confident, strong, and inclusive community. Everyone wins!

What’s Next?

One of GL’s top goals is to have a community center where people can go to hone and share their art form and others can go to explore the arts in a friendly and welcoming environment. GL is actively working toward this goal through fundraising and performance showcases. In the meantime you will find GL in your neighborhood working with libraries, schools, universities, city, multinationals, and a variety of local organizations that support and expand on the arts. Join them for their annual celebration of culture at the World Village Festival.


The 2017 World Village Fest will roll out 3 days of music including international and nationally acclaimed musicians, dance, fashion, literary performances, workshops, arts, and local and international vendors all at Boise’s beautiful Capitol Park. At last year’s festival approximately 7,000 visitors experienced the spirited heritage of Idaho’s vibrant community in this free cultural celebration presented by Global Lounge and lots of like-minded community civic and business partners throughout the community.

100% Volunteer Powered, this event featured 15 countries, 10 multi-ethnic food vendors, and a beer garden where you can relax and take in the music, dance and stories of the world.

2017 World Village Fest is gearing up to do it all again!

Coming June 9-11, the teams are forming to bring together another incredible weekend of cultural exchange. Love to make a difference in your community while having fun? Volunteer teams are forming and you are needed to help make the next WV Fest better than the last! Visit the website to learn more, donate and get involved.

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