Music Scene: Duck Club


On the Hunt for a Killer Music Experience

By Megan Bryant  Photos Kimberlee Miller

Unless you’ve been in a coma for the past seven years, you’ve probably heard of Treefort Music Fest, based in Boise each March. It started with a mission to put Boise on the map as a viable destination for bands on the touring circuit, often rolling through the I-84 corridor, as they tend to do in large numbers heading to/from the Pacific Northwest, where cities like Portland and Seattle are gracelands for droves of up and coming bands. Now, it’s become a literal “Everything Fort” with multiple days of events for all ages. The seedlings planted in music have become a bounty of forts featuring music, art, technology, fitness, family engagement, and so much more.

Duck Club, which was forged around the same time as Treefort from the same creative minds of Megan Stoll and Eric Gilbert, is what Stoll likes to call “Treefort 365” as it serves an abundance of music here in the Valley. A Duck Club production promises to showcase quality artists at great prices in local venues. They’ve got shows celebrating all genres of music so you’re certain to find your flavor of jam.

Duck Club has found success through deliberate efforts that have created a reason for bands to route through Boise for shows instead of just sleeping here. The exposure of Treefort has aided in getting Boise added attention from national and international bands alike.

We need a philosophical shift to expand the spectrum for who and what is considered “art.” Grant opportunities and localized philanthropic efforts are just a couple of areas that could give an injection to the efforts in producing deliverables, since Boise is not yet a home to a “real” record label.

Gilbert, who graces the Boise scene with years of touring experience, is driven to use his skills and resources to connect talented bands to local audiences, perpetuating the sweet vibes that come from a night out with friends or loved ones. You can even catch him playing from time to time in his band, Finn Riggins.

Live music, like every other creative art, can only thrive when its value is taken seriously. Many musicians pour their heart, souls, and life experiences into their music. It’s a combined effort between bands running themselves like a business, and audiences getting out to support them the same way we support other industries.

Duck Club is diligently bringing the collective onto the same page as they execute their mission: “To help build the local music and art scene through concert promotion and community building. To offer support to developing artists far and wide through tour booking, management, publicity and friendly advice. To have fun and stand up for causes we believe in.”

As Stoll would say, “We’re cool people, come hang out with us.” And she’s dead serious. Grab your friends and go discover a band you’ve never heard of. Love the show? Support those musicians by snagging their album or purchasing their T-shirt or other generally-catchy merch items. And while you’re out, don’t forget to be social. Snap a pic or vid to post to Instagram and tag the heck out of the bands, the venues, and your friends to spread the word of community in concert.