Perfecting Date Night


A Guide for a Magical Evening in Boise

By Haley Grugel

Photography by Kimberlee Miller

With Valentine’s day right around the corner there is one thing that is sure to be on everyone’s mind; how am I going to make this year special? Maybe it’s not the yearly holiday that has you looking for a way to impress that special someone, but whatever the reason Boise has many options for creating the perfect evening. With all the options available it can sometimes seem overwhelming to dial in that perfect date, but here is an insiders guide to having an amazing night on the town.

First off let’s start with something a little different, axe throwing anyone? Section 37 Axe Room opened off of Overland Road and Five Mile this December. The first stop on our date night is definitely something new and exciting that may even be a first time experience for the both of you. The axe room is the only one of its kind in the Treasure Valley, and offers a safe environment where you can try your hand at swinging an axe. This is a great place if you’re looking for something for those group dates; you can make a private booking for groups of six or more.

The location itself is very inviting making people want to come back time and time again. When you’re not throwing an axe you can relax on one of their comfy leather couches and play cards or a board game while you hang out. They have a beautiful bar top in the throwing area and you can even bring your own beer and wine to sip on. This location can be an all inclusive date night stop since they even let you have food delivered. Their top notch staff is also there to ensure you’re having the best time possible and to give some tips and tricks to perfecting your axe throw. Talk about making a big first impression, this date night location is sure to keep the memories alive for a lifetime.

After the two of you have tested your throwing skills, you’re sure to have worked up an appetite so it’s time to head downtown. Finding the right restaurant is of the utmost importance and Chandlers is sure to impress. Located on Grove Street downtown, right when you walk in the ambiance is all encompassing, giving the vibe of sexy and chic with modern and classic tones. With raised high back leather booths you’re washed in the comfort of luxury dining while also enjoying the privacy created in the intimate space. The professionally trained staff is sure to make the experience pleasurable with their vast knowledge and high service standards. With over 750 options Chandlers’ was awarded Wine Spectator magazine’s the “Best of Award of Excellence” in 2017 due to their commitment to offer wines from all of the world’s great wine growing regions. Their wine list ranked the highest in Idaho, and is sure to provide an exceptional fine dining treat.

Along with amazing wine they also offer an inclusive liquor menu featuring the Ten Minute Martini a drink truly worth the wait. Their menu includes 13 different cuts of beef locally sourced from Snake River Farms and is served with your choice of their classically house made steak sauces. Also offered is a high quality seafood selection sourced from fisherman and fish brokers in Hawaii and Alaska. The seafood arrives in the kitchen within 24 hours of being caught allowing for optimal freshness. To “put the icing on the cake” Chandlers plays live Jazz seven nights a week, truly creating the perfect atmosphere.

After a superior fine dining experience at Chandlers it’s on to a little unwinding at the movies. Most theatres provide a similar experience; good sound but overpriced lackluster popcorn and snacks. The Flicks, a short walk from Chandlers on Fulton Street, is a different kind of movie viewing experience that is sure to provide that little extra something to your perfect night on the town. On these cold winter days you can come into the flicks before your movie and unwind by their cozy fire in the cafe, and in the warmer season their outdoor patio with fountain provides a much needed break from the heat. While you’re warming up by the fire the cafe offers a variety of food and beverages unlike your average theatre. You can enjoy a warm espresso, or even a glass of beer or wine. While you sip on your tasty beverage you can indulge in house made appetizers, entrees, salads and even warm cookies. There’s no need to feel rushed either because The Flicks lets you bring your tray of goodies into the theater with you if you’re pressed for time.

The biggest thing that sets The Flicks apart from your everyday movie theatre is their movie selections. They have four movie screens that play films based on their quality rather than being new blockbuster hits. The flims played include, “independent, foreign and art films as well as the best of Hollywood; many are likely to be among the award winners at the end of each year.” The employees also pride themselves in caring for their customers, and definitely remember a returning face. When going here you are in for a true cinematic experience.

After a romantic evening of axe throwing, fine dining, and cinematic excellence it’s time to end the night with a tasty treat. The Stil is downtown Boise’s only homemade ice cream shop, located on Broad Street just around the corner from The Flicks, and offers something for everyone. They have a wide variety of flavors that are just as unique as they are delicious. Dietary restrictions? No problem! The Stil offers homemade dairy free and vegan ice cream in flavors to fit everyone’s taste. They have the standard cream-based options and even do booze-infused flavors. There is a variety of ways you can choose to have your ice cream served including in a cup, cone, cookie sandwich, or a float.

One of the things that really sets The Stil apart from other ice cream shops is their adult flair. Along with their booze-infused ice cream you can also make a beer or wine float– Prosecco and lemon blueberry sorbet anyone? A great date night option could also be their signature flights, which includes, “a custom tray of ice cream and beer or wine pairings for a unique dessert experience sure to spur conversation, adventure, and intrigue.” The Stil was named Boise Weekly’s Best of Boise in 2018 for best dessert, as well as taking the first place title for Best of Treasure Valley best dessert and best ice cream. While the line can on occasion get long, don’t be deterred it always moves quickly and feel free to sample as many flavors as you need to find the perfect choice.

The magical evening has come to an end with an enchanting combination of romance, adventure, fun and delicious food. Whether you’re looking for a way to impress that new person in your life, or maybe bring some magic back to your current relationship this Boise date night guide will create memories to last a lifetime.