Summer Sipping (in the winter) at Barbarian Brewing


By Chelsea Chambers

A flood of coconut washes over my taste buds; notes of strawberry follow suit and I—for a mere moment—forget the biting wind and unforgiving nature of winter’s chill. Barbarian Brewing’s new sour, Danger Sunset, immediately transports you to a summer beach, no matter where you are. And even as I fought the elements on their downtown patio, I couldn’t help but smile, remembering that summer is on its way… eventually.

Barbarian Brewing saw such success in their first year of business that they were able to open a downtown store front, with a prime location on Main Street, next door to the old Hannifin’s Cigar Shop (rip).

Founding couple, BreAnne Hovley and James Long, have been pumping out more beers than I can keep up with, but I am definitely not complaining. Their big and beautiful board of beers is absolutely mouth-watering.

Along with Danger Sunset, they have three more new beers this month:

  • Snickers Ice Cream Ale: Gold Stout made with vanilla ice cream, snickers, and malt
  • Mamba Mentality: Another sour Gose, designed to transport you to the beach. Made with passion fruit, peach, orange, and Mamba candies.
  • Everman: Wheat beer made with honey and molasses.

And as if you needed another reason to drink Barbarian beer, they have live music at their downtown location every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Check out bluegrass/Americana band Tater Patch on Tuesdays. Western Folk artist Tracy Morrison on Wednesdays. And bluegrass band Travelin’ Miles & Honey Bear on Thursdays!

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