Where Art Thou— Finest Boise Bartenders

    By Megan Bryant

    Photos Kimberlee Miller

    There’s no shortage of breweries and watering holes here in the valley, offering impressive selections in wine, craft beers, and cocktails.

    What sets the good ones apart from the great ones is, of course, when you find a killer spot with awesome staff. After learning more about a handful of local favorites and considering the complexities of drink recipes they must accurately, and suavely create while managing the energy of bustling bar patrons, I felt compelled to celebrate these bar heroes in poetic form.


    I call theses “Shakes-BEER-ian” sonnets.


    WYATT – Mai Thai


    You’ll find kids outside selling lemonade

    ‘Cept for young restaurateur in training

    Parent’s basement cabinet after raid

    Ambition from age ten, not refraining


    Raised without taboo attached to liquor

    Responsible take on drinking maintained

    The cocktail on his “My Name Is” sticker

    The choice “Black Manhattan” would be sustained


    In memory burned, a 14-hour shift

    A short-staffed scene on Memorial Day

    Just two bartenders caught each other’s drift

    In the groove, served non-stop without delay


    For fantastic drinks, food so good you’ll cry

    Wyatt Soule tending bar in Mai Thai


    ASHLEY – The Wylder


    In Boise now with what began as two

    Then the years multiplied to eleven

    Double major, blazing through BSU

    Staying put now in this piece of heaven


    Bill Murray tat upon her skin, and jokes

    she likes to tell. Loves dogs, to sew, and cook

    Making friends with peers and the pleasant folks

    While sharing stories as the shaker shook


    Her prowess is to change your mind about

    Certain liquor you’d rather not ingest

    To craft a drink so smooth, removing doubt

    “Intimidating but nice” drinks are best


    The Wylder is Ashley Roshitsh’s post

    A place to chill ‘n’ drink, and laugh the most


    ERIK – Owyhee Tavern


    Tending’s never boring, let it be said

    As twelve years’ experience can attest

    Michigan transplant, turned potato head

    Wrangled a gig after failing the test


    In desperation to become employed

    Much to learn, causing brain constipation

    They took a chance on him filling the void

    Looking back now with appreciation


    Made with gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth

    Like a “Negroni,” his humor is dry

    A quite helpful trait tell you the truth

    What buzzed people say would make you just die


    A cool spot downtown – just strut through the doors

    Erik Coddens in the Owyhee pours


    KERILL – Whiskey Bar & Chandlers


    If in beverage form, flowed thru existence

    Balanced flavor sweet; stern whiskey background

    The tastes in “Grilled Pineapple” go the distance

    Within this fella, true character can be found


    Nomad life prior to this Boise perch

    Yet here, found love of roots with which to grow

    Handy hours turned passion, suspended search

    Social contact and creations flow


    Comrad’ry forged through team trip to the woods

    Finding content in this new place called home

    three of six years tending, behind this bar stood

    Great people, great drinks, in the community roam

    Come in for a drink served up by this star

    Find Kerill Hutchings in the Whisky Bar

    Take some time to get out and explore these classy, well-run local establishments for your happy hour fix and weekend adventures. As fall weather sweeps in, be sure to get out and savor the season with delicious offerings, like a cocktail of the month at the Whiskey Bar that will be pumpkin based, and the wine/cocktail list will hit its seasonal rotation at Owyhee.

    Mai Thai hosts a cocktail class the last Sunday of each month, and there will be fall themed events coming up quick!

    As you stop in to each of these locations, make sure you say “hey” to our featured Boise bartenders.






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