Finest in health, physical therapy, and spa amenities.

    Story by Dylan Haas
    Photography by John Webster

    As you enter Zenergy, on the 2nd floor of the new Zions Bank building in downtown Boise, you realize immediately that this is not your typical workout/fitness center. Designed with an eye for nouveau minimalism, the entire 9000+ square foot facility is an expression of smooth perfection. With another 3000 square feet slated for unveiling in early August, Zenergy is a booming business in downtown Boise. Modeled to emulate its parent club located in Sun Valley, the Boise Zenergy location is both avant-garde and beautiful, while also remaining pragmatically functional. Zenergy has been recognized as the fourth most luxurious fitness club in the country by CNBC, as well as “one of the coolest” fitness locations by Shape Magazine.

    Downtown_Zenergy-Photo-2_smallIn addition to an intricate collection of Hex Dumbbells and free weights, the Zenergy Health Club boasts the absolute best in state-of-the-art Techno Gym equipment, with multiple Kinesis workout systems, including the hallmark Kinesis One Techno Gym station – a groundbreaking fitness system that enables users of any fitness level an infinite array of movement and opportunity to improve their balance, strength, and flexibility. Zenergy also has a variety of high-end combination stair steppers and ellipticals, as well as spinning machines¬ and the novel Jacob’s Ladder, a total-body-exerciser that requires users to continually ascend a moving ladder whose rungs cycle through at a rate dictated by the speed with which you climb. Many of these machines are equipped with on-board computers that remember where you are in your training routine as well as your preferred entertainment options during your workout¬, options you won’t find at most traditional centers. Set just to the side of the fitness gym, behind a transparent wall made of double acoustic glass, is a 600 square foot open mat area equipped for TRX, High Intensity Interval Training, yoga, and group fitness training.

    The Zenergy facility is designed for ease of use and efficiency, so that members need only arrive prepared to exercise. Each locker room is stocked with towels and amenities including razors and aftershave, hair dryers and curlers, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and more. The locker rooms also include a eucalyptus steam room which helps members wind down after a vigorous workout. In addition to the finest in workout facilities, Zenergy is a full-access spa offering a variety of hands-on healing techniques from massages and acupuncture to waxing and facials. The Idaho Sports Medicine Institute also has a presence at Zenergy, in order to provide onsite professional physical therapy options to members and non-members alike. Physical therapy professionals are right at home inside Zenergy, in large part due to the state-of-the-art Kinesis Techno Gym equipment, designed for a limitless array of mobility and strength improvement often required by physical therapists.

    Despite providing the finest in health, physical therapy, and spa amenities available under a single roof in the Treasure Valley, Zenergy is reasonably priced at just $75 per month with a $200 enrollment fee. For a limited time, they are also offering a $40, zero contract, first month trial membership, as well as corporate incentive policies designed to get your entire office on the path to wellbeing. For more information, go to





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