Improving the Planet, One Bag at a Time


Monarc Settra Series

By Chelsea Chambers

Issues like climate change often seem overwhelming, almost too big for an individual to tackle. But by taking small steps in the right direction and supporting companies that benefit the environment, each and every one of us can make a positive impact.

Co-founding entrepreneurs, Nathan Pavitt and Jesse Dickenson, are taking it upon themselves to make eco-friendly decisions that will help reduce the amount of unrecycled plastic bottles on the planet. Every day, millions of plastic bottles are thrown out and it can take hundreds years for even one single bottle to break down. It was this shocking statistic that prompted the creation of Monarc, the duo’s new company that will make its name by selling bags made from recycled bottles.

Photo Credit: Monarc

Nathan, who moved to Meridian in 2012 from England, loves the Treasure Valley and, long-time business partner, Jesse, will be making the move from Nevada after the product launch on Earth Day, April 22, 2020. “We couldn’t think of a better place in the country to put our roots down and grow our company,” Nathan said.

After working together in product development for several years, the pair had a realization. “In 2017 we came across materials made using recycled plastic bottles which we thought was a great way to divert plastic waste from our oceans and landfills into long-lasting sustainable products,” Nathan explained. “We saw an opportunity to make a bag series that uses as many recycled plastic bottles as possible to make (100 bottles per set) and at a great price. The purpose of the bag is to be sustainable in both material and function. One of our objectives was to create a bag that could be used for all walks of life eliminating the need to carry multiple bags. We created compact and modular added inserts to make the bag functional for the gym, travel, photography, and everyday use.”

The mission behind Monarc’s Settra Series Bag is to improve the way you carry, not just by developing versatile, all-in-one bags, but by creating them in the most environmentally responsible way. So whether you’re going from work to the gym or all the way across the globe, the Settra bag is what is going to get you—and all of the things that make you, you—to where you’re going—in style, function, and sustainability.

On launch day, the company is offering the whole bag series at 40% off for 24 hours only. To make sure you have access to this amazing discount and the chance to win the whole series, sign up to for their mailing list at

Photo Credit: Monarc