Local Musician Spotlight on Brandon Pritchett


Story By Aaron Michael of MusicMondays208
Photography By Amanda Donaldson of MusicMondays208

When it comes to providing solid music here in Idaho, Brandon Pritchett, AKA TheNaishun, easily comes to mind.

Brandon started his music project in 1998, following his dream of becoming a full-time musician. Brandon caught the music bug at an early age as he had “a very big foundation with music from my parents,” he shared. Growing up, he sang in church choir and that carried on through to college.

While listening to Brandon play, you begin to feel the various musical styles emanating from his performance. He gathers influence from gospel, jazz, soul, blues, rock, reggae, country, and a splash of hip hop.

“I’m willing to attack any style of music that makes me inspired. If a tune does it for me, then someone else will like it too,” Brandon added. His smoky voice matched the reggae influence while simultaneously adding the country acoustic, which makes for a truly tantalizing performance.

On top of Brandon’s stellar performance is his impressive original music. He dedicates a lot of time working on his music, all with the goal to bring a positive light in this world. “All of my original music comes from a place of love and positivity. Some of my tunes start out a little dark, but they all have a good outcome and a resolution to them. What I want my mission statement to be with my original music is: ‘life is all about love and we need to keep that spirit.’ There’s so many negative situations and hurt people in our world. If my music can release tension for someone for even one minute, then it’s doing what is what meant to do,” Brandon said

Brandon has plans to release new music in the near future. “My long term goals are to keep fulfilling the love for music. With that in mind, I feel like these tunes I keep putting out will help sustain the long term. I’m always striving to learn more instruments, to learn how to become a better student and to keep practicing my art and craft.”

“Being a musician for a living is tough, but I love what I do. I learned a long time ago that the ego has to be put to the side when it comes to all aspects of being a musician. From practicing, to taking criticism, to booking gigs. The musicians that keep playing gigs are the ones that keep trying,” Brandon concluded.

Brandon Pritchett, AKA TheNaishun, is an impressive local Idaho musician that brings a consistency and love to his performance that will leave you wanting more. Make sure to check out Brandon’s Instagram page @thenaishun, your ears and soul will thank you.