Oma and Popie’s Recipes


Dinner Tonight is Down-Home Delight
By Kayli Corbin
Photography by Kimberlee Miller
Oma and Popie offer a diverse selection of marinades and spice blends that are the perfect addition to any meal. Their hand-crafted, small batches feature as much locally sourced ingredients as possible, and you’ll never find artificial flavors, colors, or unpronounceable chemical in anything they produce. Sourcing locally is almost as important as family to Oma and Popie. If you’re in the market for delicious new dinner staples, look no further than these perfectly crafted, grandkid-approved recipes!
2 ready-made flatbread crusts (naan bread works great!)
½ cup each of Ja Makin Me Crazy marinade, grated Italian style cheese, and grilled shrimp
¼ cup each of sliced red onion, sliced yellow peppers, chopped pineapple, and chopped green onion
Start with the sauce and add cheese. Layer all the ingredients except the green onions. Throw on the grill, in the oven, or in the smoker and cook at 375-425 until toppings begin to bubble and crust is to desired crispiness. Remove and top with green onions, slice and enjoy. For an extra crisp and spicy pizza, brush bread with olive oil and season with Oma & Popie’s Jerk spice blend!

½ of head of cabbage thinly sliced
2 peeled and segmented mandarin oranges
½ bunch of chopped radishes, cilantro, and green onions
½ large or 2 small red peppers sliced
For the dressing, whisk together two parts Wingin’ It or Hawt Mess marinade with one part each of Toasted sesame or olive oil and Braggs Liquid Amino (soy sauce works well too). Mix veggies and oranges together and toss with desired amount of dressing. Top with grilled chicken, salmon, shrimp, pork, or tofu for a protein boost and top with wonton chips, almonds, or cashews to add a delightful crunch. No time to chop? Grab a pre-made cabbage and broccoli slaw bag for a quick meal! Make it Thai Peanut by subbing the cilantro with basil and adding half to one-part creamy peanut putter to dressing.

1-2 sweet potatoes mashed to your preferences (Oma bakes and mashes without skins with butter, heavy cream and cinnamon)
2 – 4 pork chops ½”-1” thick heavily seasoned on both sides with Bayou Venom spice blend (chicken thighs make a great substitution)
4 T butter
1 each red and gold apple, cored and sliced
½ red onion sliced
2-4 jalapenos with stems removed, sliced (remove seeds if you want less heat)
1/8 – 1/4 C of Drunk Uncle marinade
Preheat oven to 450 degrees and put a cast iron pan seasoned with olive oil over medium high heat for 5 minutes. Sear pork chops 1 to 1½ minutes on each side. Remove from stovetop and bake for 4-6 minutes. Before serving, let rest for 5 minutes. While the chops are baking/resting add butter to cast iron pan and stir in apples, red onion, and jalapenos. Cook until desired tenderness. Stir in Drunk Uncle and heat through. Plate mashed sweet potatoes and top with chops and apple sauté.
We’re sure that each of these recipes will be a show stopper. For more inspiration, check out or follow them on social media. We all need some inspiration for our next delicious dinner, and Oma and Popie make it that much easier!