Hunting Season, Year Round


A curated gifting experience with Hunt and Gather Gifts.

Story Taylor Walker  Photo Kimberlee Miller

For those who are thoughtful and kind, but creatively challenged and consistently pressed for time, there is Hunt and Gather Gifts.

Hunt and Gather Gifts meticulously assembles an assortment of products, and packages them in a pine box for a simple yet elegant gifting experience. Filled to the brim with unique, quality goods and wrapped in a beautiful bow, the gift boxes are as much fun to give as they are to receive.

Drew Dorsch is the owner of Hunt and Gather Gifts. Her natural inclination to give with sincerity and bring joy to others shines through in her diligent research as she scours the corners of farmer’s markets and Instagram, looking for the perfect addition to her next box. “Once I pick a theme, I seek out products that have a similar aesthetic,” says Drew. Her curation technique ensures the items in each box are visually remarkable the moment you slide back the lid; each piece appearing to have been made exclusively to sit alongside the other items they’re packaged with. “It’s not just a box of jumbled things that anyone could throw together,” she says.

Every Hunt and Gather gift box has a natural element to it that inspires peace, gratitude, excitement, or even manliness. Drew’s lineup of boxes is famously-filled with ever-evolving, small batch products. There are soft booties in the Baby Box, luxurious masks in the Spa Box, and the wildly popular Home Box features a harvest of housewarming items perfect for a hostess or a friend who’s unpacking their new condo. “[The boxes] have all the things you want, but wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself,” Drew explains. As someone who discovered their favorite invigorating workout spray by way of a Hunt and Gather gift box, I can personally attest that this is true.

The inventory at Hunt and Gather Gifts isn’t limited to Drew’s premade collections. Hunt and Gather also offers custom boxes for a more personalized gifting experience. This solution is especially popular among businesses seeking memorable gestures of appreciation for their clients or employees. Customers even have the option to include a logo that’s stamped or burned into the side of the wood box.

Regardless of which box you choose, it’s evident that Drew takes pride in not only providing a gift that wows, but also in creating a means of connecting small businesses to new clientele. “It gives local vendors a new way to get their products out there,” Drew says. She takes the phrase “shop small” seriously and purposefully shies away from including big-box products or items that are particularly easy to find.

I consider myself to be an exceptional gift-giver, but procuring the perfect package takes time. It means researching, driving from here to there, parking in busy lots, and returning unused items. Hunt and Gather Gifts takes the trouble out of the gifting process, leaving only the joy of placing a photo-worthy box in the hands of a friend, a coworker, a family member, or a client, and watching their eyes light up as they explore what’s inside.

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