Lost Little Things


Creating Treasures

By Kayli Corbin

Photography by Kimberlee Miller

Tapping into a deep and meaningful creator’s community has been the theme in the life of Tara Dial. She has degrees in Architecture and Interior design from our very own University of Idaho. Her background in event planning and project management contribute to her incredible success and fulfillment as the owner and operator of Lost Little Things. She has an exquisite perspective of what it means to be an artist and how that translates to interaction with the places she has lived. Greenbelt Magazine got the opportunity to learn about how she started, what drives her passion, and where we can find some of her creations this holiday season.

Tell me about how Lost Little Things came into existence. What passion drove you to start this business?

“I started Lost Little Things after moving to Austin, Texas in 2010… When I moved to Austin I struggled to find a job that fit my qualifications and financial needs, so I started selling bottle cap jewelry and screen prints first on Etsy then branching out into local markets, shops, and craft shows. I later took a laser cutting workshop at the local TechShop in Austin. I immediately fell in love and started making the wood products that I’m mostly known for now.”

While living in Austin, Tara was a part of Austin Craft Riot. ACR is an organization that supports local small businesses by putting on educational and craft workshops, craft shows, and supply swaps. She brought that experience back to Boise by creating the Idaho Makers Association, a Facebook group supporting 140 members made up of artists, market directors, and small business owners who share and collaborate with each other.

If there was one thing you wanted everyone to know about Lost Little Things, what would that be?

“It’s just me, filling all the roles it takes to run a small business. Sometimes that feels daunting but most days I feel so grateful to walk into my sunny studio, enjoy the sounds and smells of the wood on my laser knowing how hard I worked to get here and how hard I will keep working to support my family and grow my business.”

Where can we find your work? Do you have anything special lined up for the holidays?

“This will be my fifth year at Wintry Market (November 16th to 18th), and I had the privilege to design this year’s artwork for the show. I received the email when working on the engine of my new 1968 Dodge camper van, so the design seemed fitting. I have special camper stickers, wood ornaments, and magnets that will be available at the show with my new design. I also have two new travel map prints and postcards that will be hitting the shop this November/December.”

Tara also started an extended pop-up market, Merry Makers Market, that has double in size since it’s debut last year. Find more details on their website, boisemerrymakers.com, and be sure to check them out downtown from December 1st to 23rd. This is just another great example of her dedication to creating an environment for creators of all varieties to share their craft! Swing by Banana Ink, Idahomade, Repop Gifts, Mixed Greens, or West Elm to pick up your next treasure from Lost Little Things.

Check out the rest of her work at lostlittlethings.com

Or on Facebook or Instagram @lostlittlethings