Simplicity in Concrete


Meet the team behind the GeoForm Designs
By Triston Brooks  Photography  Kimberlee Miller
Sofia and Daniel are the dictionary definition of a dynamic duo. As the team that operates GeoForm Designs they have a synergy that few business partners have been able to achieve. This is in no small part due to the fact that in addition to partners in business, they are partners in life.
GeoForm Designs was born of the desire to turn one of Sofia’s hobbies into a business venture. Sofia had been looking for a new hobby in order to satisfy her desire for a creative outlet when she settled upon custom concrete work. Soon their apartment was filled with various projects and creative experiments, most of which were small planters. At this point, Daniel stepped in, and, realizing the potential of his girlfriend’s creations, came up with the idea to start what is now GeoForm Designs.
Sofia is the creative mastermind behind the operation, while Daniel is the marketing and logistics guru who ensures products can find their way to market and their customers. As a student at the University of Idaho preparing to graduate with a Masters degree in Architecture, Sofia is well versed in not only the technical design process, but also the importance of creating a unique and visually pleasing product.
It is this background in Architecture that led to her love of minimalist concrete design, which informs the entire GeoForm product line. The process always begins with an idea, which Sofia then refines and drafts in 3D modeling software. Once the design is finalized, a silicone mold is created and is used to manufacture the final product: the custom concrete mixture that is the foundation of their business. However, this is where she has struggled the most:
“The biggest challenge for me has been figuring out how to color the concrete to make our colorful marbled pots,” Sofia stated. “The experimentation took me about 8 months to figure out! I tried all sorts of colorants, mixes and different products until finally landing on what you see today.”
Minimalist concrete pots and a variety of desktop adornments, like business card displays and air plant holders, make up the majority of their current product line. While steady streams of online orders are received weekly, they also have a presence at a local favorite, Idaho Made Boutique in downtown Boise, as well as the Boise Co-Op. This is where Daniel comes in front and center. His background as a real estate agent provides him with the perfect networking and sales experience needed to successfully market their products.
As a couple that has full time jobs outside of GeoForm, attends school, and runs a full time business, Sofia and Daniel wear many hats. However, they have not let this stop them from living full and balanced lives. Sofia is a self-proclaimed homebody who enjoys reading, painting, and trying to teach Daniel how to dance. Daniel enjoys spending time in the mountains skiing during the winter, and being active in the community by participating in groups such as Boise Young Professionals, a community group fostering business networking and skills development for up and coming generation of workers and business owners.
The future looks bright for Sofia, Daniel, and GeoForm Designs. Despite their current success, they are aware of the pitfalls that so many other business owners fall into during the early days of rapid growth. Daniel knows that in order to be sustainable they need to grow in a responsible way. “My primary goal for GeoForm is being able to grow efficiently. I’m very big on balance, which means I want to grow GeoForm but only if it’s right for Sofia and I.” It’s this emphasis on balance that allows the couple to have projects, hobbies, and wild success coexist peacefully in their lives.
You can read more about GeoForm Designs on their website: