tap & cask


Story by Rachel Holt, Photos by Amanda Antilla

We wanted to have a place that has enough TVs to be a sports bar and enough taps to do have what any brew pub would want,” shared Wesley Harris, proprietor of the Tap and Cask.

The Tap and Cask is, locally owned and operated restaurant and bar located off of Broadway Avenue in Boise, where the Tilted Kilt had been. Opening the Tap and Cask in January of this year, Harris, the previous proprietor of the Tilted Kilt had decided create a new establishment that better encompassed what he envisioned for an ideal pub.

“I wanted a place for people who enjoy sports, entertainment, music food, and date nights. We’re trying to be all encompassing with the Tap and Cask,” said Harris.

In this spirit, their menu has a variety of options from a few traditional pub fares as well as pasta, steak and pizza.

“We wanted to create something well-rounded. We wanted a place where you could come for date night, or come down for the game and have wings. All our food is made by hand, it’s really good and not just because we make it,” laughed Harris.

Two signature dishes of the Tap and Cask are the Boise Crunch burger and the Sloppy Suzy burger. The Boise Crunch is a burger where the burger patty is fried to encapsulate the flavor. The Sloppy Suzy is a burger topped with a deep fried ball of molten cheese that you squish over the patty and it releases hot molten cheese and jalapeños over the burger.

Harris credits his General Manager, Marshall Myern with redesigning the menu and being very proud of his accomplishments.

Myern shared, “It’s very humbling to have people come and visit and to have them come back. We try to make everything by hand; good food and good drinks are made that way, put a little love into everything we do and make it special.”

Tap & Cask’s hand-picked wine list will suit every palate out there and their 36 taps rotate and focus on local craft brews. They also have a selection of cocktails from classics such as gin whiskeys to more modern mixed drinks.

“We try to focus on local craft beers. We don’t have 100% local beers but 100% of our stuff is good,” joked Myern.

The Tap and Cask also has 56 TVs playing a variety of content including sports and music. Utilizing an app called Orange Door, customers can request songs for free from their phones from a library of over 40,000 videos ranging from modern music back to the 1930s.

Harris said, “I brought my mother in here. She loved Elvis so I played an old video they had of him singing for her. She loved it and it will be very entertaining for the customers because we’ve evolved in our entertainment.”

Additionally the Tap and Cask now offers breakfast on Sunday, hosts large private events, offers regular events such as St. Patrick ’s Day, and even sporting events. Also a secret speakeasy coming soon, shhh don’t tell anyone!

Tap & Cask 1555 S Broadway Ave 208.338.5458

tapandcask.com facebook.com/tapandcask

Hours: Mon-Thurs: 11am-11pm

Fri-Sat: 11am-midnight Sun: 10am-11pm