Bee Wise Goods & Boise Bakery


Charming boutique offers handmade and vintage gifts as well as delectable treats

by Sara Mitton Cox, photography by Mark Dyrud

When you walk through the doors of Bee Wise Goods you’re quickly hit with the best kind of sensory overload. You don’t know which way to look first. An elegant, vintage sewing machine might catch your eye, then a unique piece of jewelry, a funny t-shirt made by a local artist, or a quirky bow-tie. But, most of all, you get a sudden urge for something sweet, as wonderful scents from Boise’s Bakery envelop you.

Gabrielle Krake and her family opened Bee Wise Goods four years ago at 3017 W. State Street near the intersection of 28th and State. It has evolved into a mecca of handcrafted treasures and vintage finds. Krake’s daughter, Isabelle, added Boise’s Bakery inside the shop in 2013, giving people another excuse to stop in for a gift or treat. They call themselves a modern mercantile with the goals of consuming less, reusing more, and being stewards of creativity.Web2

In addition to offering housewares, jewelry, handmade goods, and vintage toys, Bee Wise Goods also offers classes for the crafty. With a second location that opened in February, they now have a dedicated space for workshops. They’ll host classes on calligraphy, notecard making, handmade journals, and a series before Christmas that allows people to make all their gifts.

The second Bee Wise Goods location, just down the street at 2913 W. State Street, contains all the items customers are used to, in addition to the new craft studio. The first location will carry more gifts and collectibles for men such as bowties and wallets. That location, known for it’s brightly-colored vintage suitcases out front, is managed by Krake’s son, Tristan.

In addition to Tristan and Isabelle, Anneliese—Krake’s other daughter—and their Grandma Lorraine and Grandpa Dennis also help out around the shops. “It’s a true family business,” said Krake. “We wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Boise’s Bakery, located inside the shops, merits a visit all on its own. You could try a heart-shaped cookie called Kit n’ Caboodle containing dark and milk chocolate chips, oatmeal, and a hint of peanut butter or try thumbprint, which has raspberry or blackberry jam in the center of deliciously soft short bread. There are also pound cakes, cinnamon rolls drizzled with caramel sauce, freshly made granola, and the popular French macarons available twice a month.

Both Bee Wise Goods shops are located on a stretch of State Street that is quickly becoming filled with locally owned boutiques. In just a few blocks, you can find shops filled with handmade gifts, handcrafted and vintage furniture, locally made soy candles, or even baseball cards.

“I love having new stores move in next to us,” said Krake. “This location is wonderful, there is lots of free parking, and it’s becoming a fun shopping destination.”

You can further explore Bee Wise Goods and Boise’s Bakery offerings at or on Facebook.