Finding Peace in Boise


Greenbelt Magazine Welcomes L.A. Photographer Kimberlee Miller

Story Chelsea Chambers  Photos Kimberlee Miller

As we all know, there aren’t many places like Idaho. More densely populated areas far away from nature make it tough to find even a moment’s peace from the constant stressors, noise pollution and frenetic motion of daily living. With big city commutes boasting several hours, tightly packed buildings blocking the views and the crime threats associated with encroaching populations in the millions, it is no surprise people are making the transition to our beautiful Gem State.

Kimberlee Miller spent many adolescent summers vacationing in Sun Valley, so Idaho has always held a place in her heart. She must have conveyed these feelings to her eldest daughter, who decided that

Boise State University was where she would take her next step. Miller seized the opportunity for change, packed up her life and family in Los Angeles and moved to a home in East Boise.

“I came up here and I have not looked back once,” Miller reflected.

Miller is a renowned photographer with the enviable ability of capturing more than just the moment—she captures the story, the emotion and the personality behind the fortunate subjects she shoots. With her expertise in bridal photography, it’s imperative that she helps to make more than just memories. Rather, she personally connects with her clients, establishing a relationship and shooting thousands of images — often in a candid fashion — to encapsulate the natural essence of each person she photographs.

While Miller has more than 18 years of experience in the field, she started her career as a paralegal. After the birth of her first daughter, she wanted to spend more time at home. She returned to photography, seeking to alleviate the typical “mannequin style” of shooting. It wasn’t long before her talents and unique vision were recognized and Miller’s business was getting booked out more than a year in advance.

Now Miller is fully embracing her life’s changes. She and her three daughters are transitioning into the much slower pace of Idaho life. She looks forward to the days when she can sit down by the river and just escape into a good book. For now, she is still flying back to California every weekend to finish bookings that she had already taken, and will likely do so for the next few years.

It comes as no surprise that she is still being sought after, even after moving to East Boise. Miller’s work has been featured in magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens and Pottery Barn.

As Greenbelt Magazine continues to grow along with the ever-expanding Boise, we are thrilled to announce that Kimberlee Miller is taking on the role of Lead Photographer, and honing in on the upward mobility of the magazine.

Welcome to Boise, Kimberlee!