KegFit’s origin goes back to October of 2014 on the Capitol Steps.  Founder Dirk Manley loves staying fit, but once Idaho weather takes its fall turn, there’s no going back until spring. After a chilly workout at the Capitol, Manley was enjoying a beer at Woodland Empire, when he talked with owners Rob and Keeley Landerman about some extra space they had in their keg room.

Rather than spend his days shivering in the cold, Manley could work out in their brewery, and of course, it was all too convenient that Woodland’s delicious array of taps would be available for a recovery beer immediately afterward.

For the last several years, Dirk Manley has worked toward perfecting the KegFit class. He has developed a routine that is suited for all fitness levels and skills. Whether this is your first workout class or you’ve been an avid gym goer for years, KegFit is both challenging and achievable.

KegFit rotates users through workout stations called circuit training. At only 45 seconds per station with four stations, the workout flies by. Between warm ups and introductions, the entire experience lasts about an hour, but for Manley, KegFit is not just about staying active. It is more about facilitating community relationships and helping people get to know one another in a welcoming environment.

Anyone who has ever been to a gym knows that it’s not really the place you go to meet people. There’s not a lot of conversation—mostly headphones and silently waiting for your turn on the next machine. At KegFit, the warm up and introduction fosters conversation and a sense of friendship. This is underscored by the delicious craft beer and food available after the workout.

“I’ve seen people network job opportunities, get new housing arrangements and make new friends, all in one workout session,” said Manley. “It’s really about making connections.”

KegFit is a big advocate for sponsorship and community partnering. Manley has made lasting relationships with places like Sage Yoga, Proof Eyewear, Good Superfoods, lululemon, Killer Whey, and of course, several breweries in the area. KegFit has been a part of YogaFort, Race for the Steaks and will undoubtedly continue to build new relationships with businesses around the community.

To participate in KegFit, dress comfortably in workout attire and plan to spend $8 in cash or purchase a card. Participants are encouraged to stay after the class for a recovery beer and food. The current KegFit schedule is every Tuesday at Woodland Empire Alecraft at both 5:45 p.m. and 6:45 p.m., and every Wednesday at Powderhaus Brewing at 5:45 p.m.

Manley’s goal is to drive traffic into our local breweries and encourage relationships in the valley. The KegFit workout experience is something everyone should try. Avoid those awkward, silent moments at the gym. Rather, go out, stay active, meet people and enjoy some of Boise’s most delicious craft beers, all in one place.