Recycled Minds Comedy


Changing Lives Through Benefits of Improv

Story Megan Bryant   Photo Recycle Minds

Back in high school, Sean Hancock discovered the magic of improvisation – that high-energy space where he and his friends felt safe exploring unharnessed creativity in a nurturing, supportive environment. As an adult, improv became the catalyst for his own personal evolution. Hancock wanted to share this fun, freeing discovery with the rest of us, so he and his wife Colleen founded the Boise-based improv company, Recycled Minds Comedy.

Together, this dynamic duo combines their skills – Sean’s on stage and in teaching, plus Colleen’s in production management, photography and design. They’ve worked hard to build their edgy-yet-wholesome brand, which welcomes all ages and demographics. Their mission is to “Bring Joy and Transformation” to as many people as they can.


While most people’s minds go immediately to thoughts of Second City or Saturday Night Live, improv goes well beyond just being funny, although it is a vessel for joy and

laughter. Improv is also about digging deeper into examining our own strengths and weaknesses, working towards overcoming those fears and forging a deeper appreciation while growing relationships with others. Improv flows naturally, giving people license to let their guards down, while building trust in their other improv players. This is the rare place where participants can laugh hard, think hard and feel deeply, all in the same night.

Already a team-building staple in the top business schools and the corporate world, learning the improv concept of “Yes, and…” reminds people to use others’ ideas to creatively platform and enhance by adding their own new ideas. There are many business and personal benefits to learning improv that most people don’t realize, such as the following:

  • It reduces social anxiety, which can be crippling for people.
  • It builds self-confidence.
  • It teaches people how to be “in the moment.”
  • It boosts creative thinking abilities.
  • It re-teaches people how to listen to others more intently in this distracted world.


Together, the Hancock’s have created a robust scope of events here in our community. Recycled Minds Comedy offers various classes throughout the year including improv, storytelling and writers’ workshops. They perform family friendly shows each month, encouraging and then harnessing the spirit of interaction from the audience. They also offer schools and businesses the option of coming on site and teaching team-building events, or they can spice up your holiday parties with a comedy show. Check out their classes, shows, and community events at