The Flicks


Boise’s only independent, art, and foreign film theatre

Chelsea Chambers

Carole Skinner spent a summer in Boise with her cousin, Suzie Bell, and was immediately enraptured by the beautiful, friendly aura that emanates from our incredible city. “I made more friends that summer than I ever had in Seattle,” says Skinner. She moved here shortly after and began to nestle in to the Idaho lifestyle. One thing she missed, however, was all of the art and foreign films that Seattle had to offer. The independent film scene was virtually nonexistent in 1980s Boise.

Not long after moving here, Carole was set up on a blind date by a friend who insisted that the two would hit it off. The date was going well, and at one point, he asked her: ‘if you could have any job in the world, what would it be?’ To which Carole responded, ‘I would open an independent film theatre.’ And as luck, love, and fate would have it, her date just so happened to have the blueprints for what would become The Flicks Theatre in his car at that very moment. “Can I help?” she asked.

Rick and Carole Skinner opened the doors to The Flicks Theatre on September 21, 1984—they had big dreams, one screen, a relaxing café, and a beautiful patio. Over time, The Flicks expanded to add more screens as well as a video store. And while the first several years of business were extremely difficult, The Flicks has grown blessed by frequent patrons and lovers of the arts. The ambiance is unmatched by anything else in Boise—a place where history, love, art, and magic all meet together for an incomparable experience. The staff at The Flicks is one of the most integral pieces of the business, as many of them have been there for decades, offering their endless expertise, support, and suggestions.

I walked out of the theatre grinning, deep in conversation with my friend, both of us talking simultaneously, each moved by the film we had just seen, A Fantastic Woman. After spending a beautiful afternoon with good company, a chilled cider, and a cheesy pretzel, I think I can safely say that was the best movie-going experience I’ve ever had. But it’s hard not to fall in love with a place where you can watch an incredible film, all the while enjoying a beer and diving into a fresh plate of lasagna.

The Flicks has a variety of events held year-round, all of which can be found on their website at Be sure to check out LunaFest on May 19, which features films made by, for, and about women. There is always a running list of rotating films that can be found online as well, such as the Idaho-filmed 6 Dynamic Laws for Success (In Life, Love, & Money) by Gregory Bayne opening on May 11. And RBG, opening May 25, a film devoted to the life and career of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Next time you’re craving a movie night, take a trip to The Flicks and expand your interests into art, foreign, and independent films. You’ll be glad you did!