Community of Choice, Community of Heart


Creating the Kula Connection

By Chelsea Chambers

Kula – Sanskrit for community of choice or heart

Idaho husband and wife business duo, Michelle and Spencer Russell, were driven to bring the joy and lifestyle of healthy eating to the Gem State and beyond, simply by living through their own experiences.

“Spencer and I were inspired by our personal transformations and by the irrefutable science behind lifestyle medicine and plant-based food. Spencer and I each lost 80 pounds. I transitioned from 7-12 daily prescription medications to none. During the course of my own transformation I studied and studied. I continue to study lifestyle medicine, positive psychology, mindfulness, and food’s effect on mood, daily, in hopes of being able to help others feel their best,” shared Michelle.

The Kula Connection offers healthy-option dinner boxes, delicious dairy-alternative cashew cheeses, brownies, gourmet cashew cheesecakes, pancake mixes, and a whole array of tasty treats that are actually good for you. It was hard for us to believe it too when we saw how amazing the Bill Dill “cheese” spread looked!

“The community support for Kula remains the greatest experience. When we first started it was in West Side drive-in’s commissary kitchen with Chef Lou Aaron. My best friend and my grown up kids dedicated 100’s of hours to get us going. When we started to sell at Boise’s Farmer’s Market volunteers rallied around us. Dozens of people gave freely of their time and talents. The community in Boise really willed Kula into being and it is their support that keeps us going.”

In addition to their incredible food offerings, Kula also provides workshops and coaching opportunities for those looking to dive further into a healthier lifestyle, or simply looking to incorporate wellness into their day-to-day lives.

Their coaching options are geared toward self-empowerment and strength reinforcement. “You are the expert in navigating your own life, based upon personal preferences and past experiences. We provide the structure of the session and serve as a collaborative partner,” Spencer indicates on their website. They aspire to help you navigate life’s hurdles in a way that elevates the body and mind beyond stress.

Michelle and Spencer are excited to keep the Kula momentum going and look forward to the future. “Kula is continuing to grow and respond to what’s happening in our community and our world. Everything we make is purposefully engineered to actively help fortify your health, boost your immunity and make you feel better. I am creating new products constantly and we are increasing our community outreach through Kula Dudes, a yoga program for men. I have a cookbook coming out in November called, Just Mushrooms, which I am super excited about as I believe mushrooms are a key to a more sustainable future and better health. We look forward to continuing to provide plant-based and lifestyle alternatives in our community.”

Discover the Kula connection for yourself at their website or follow them on social @thekulaconnection