Boise Plumber Asks You To Replace Toilet Paper With This Green Alternative


With toilet paper consumption in the US averaging 2.7 rolls each week per person (141/year), we’re flushing our forests down the toilet. 

Boise plumber Brad Adams demonstrates how bidet toilet seats nearly eliminate toilet paper and conserve billions of gallons of water. Additionally they offer unique comforts that make your home an unforgettable holiday experience. 

Straight Facts About The Toilet Paper You Use: 

  • Each roll of toilet paper requires 12-37 gallons of water to produce depending on plies & size 
  • One tree yields fiber for about 200 rolls of toilet paper 
  • Americans average 2.7 rolls per week totaling 141 rolls per year 
  • Over their lifetime the average American may use over 10,000 rolls without realizing it 

Each year Americans consume up to 38 billion rolls that use up to 457 billion gallons of water & 190 million trees to produce. 

Use flushable wipes? Boise city wastewater treatment plants filter out over 8,000 pounds of trash each day from our sewage, one of the most common items is your flushable wipes. Most don’t break down, clog sewer lines & pumps, and are made with plastic fibers that get released into our environment after disposal. 

What is a bidet toilet seat & how does it reduce your toilet paper use? Bidet seats are a unique toilet seat that contain spray nozzles to gently clean your bottom area rather than using toilet paper. These toilet seats connect to your existing toilet water supply, install on your existing toilet, and provide you with a gentle, cleansing wash that greatly reduces and/or eliminates the need to wipe with toilet paper. Not only are you helping the environment, you’re also saying goodbye to abrasive toilet paper and the sore behinds that paper can create. 

Limited mobility or range of motion? Bidet toilet seats keep you clean while reducing or eliminating the need to stoop over or reach around. 

A bidet uses about 1/8 gallon of water per spray cycle, in contrast a single roll of toilet paper requires 12-37 gallons of water to produce. 

Must have features on your bidet that transform toileting. When shopping bidets there are certain features worth spending a little extra for that increase comfort and further help eliminate toilet paper. As plumbers in Boise who install bidets, here’s our top picks: 

  • Warm Air dryer to avoid drying with toilet paper 
  • Retractable spray nozzles – these cleanly retract into the seat 
  • Rear and front feminine spray 
  • Warm water spray rather than cold only 
  • Heated seat 
  • Remote control with multiple user presets 

Even luxury bidets are very affordable: the savings in your toiletry bill can recoup the cost of a deluxe bidet in just 1-2 years, and almost immediately for a basic bidet. (this is a highlight) 

Here’s how to select & install your bidet toilet seat. 

Bidet seats offered by most manufacturers are designed to fit standard toilets, identify your toilet bowl & seat mounting specifications and shop bidets compatible with your toilet. Basic bidets simply require connecting to your toilet’s cold water supply, however, bidets with all the niceties like warm air dryers, heated seats, and instant warm water require an electrical outlet close to your toilet. A little extra expense to install an outlet is absolutely worth the enhanced toileting experience a deluxe bidet provides. When installing your bidet completely drain your toilet tank, use plumbing tape, and don’t over tighten connections. 

If you’d like to explore having a bidet installed professionally, or look at other green plumbing alternatives such as tankless water heaters & low flow handheld showers – simply make us one of the plumbers in Boise you call. Connect with Brad directly at 208-519-6500 or visit