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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Summer Sipping (in the winter) at Barbarian Brewing

By Chelsea Chambers A flood of coconut washes over my taste buds; notes of strawberry follow suit and I—for a mere moment—forget the biting wind...

Cold Winter, Warm Beats

By Aaron Michaels of MusicMondays208 Winter may be in full swing, but the cold and snow can’t keep Boise from enjoying a robust live music...

The Wolf of Cumbia: Lobo Lara

By Chelsea Chambers Photos Emma Thompson First-generation American, Lobo Lara, creates his Cumbia-style of music to unite and inspire others. His music tells stories through unique...

Oma and Popie’s Recipes

Dinner Tonight is Down-Home Delight By Kayli Corbin Photography by Kimberlee Miller Oma and Popie offer a diverse selection of marinades and spice blends that are the...


A Peek into the Evolution of Music and Technology By Megan Bryant   Photography Kimberlee Miller As a teenager, Jahred Gomes, now globally known as a musician...

Boise Music Week

A Week of Fabulously Free Entertaining Concerts, Dance, and Theater Story Janelle Stear Photos Boise Music Week. In 2018, Mayor Bieter declared, “Music Week programs have fostered a love of music among the people in our community… and have inspired many to make music a large part of their lives…

Do You Have What It Takes?

Boise Escape By Chelsea Chambers   Photos Vierra ReidFor most of us, the thought of being trapped in a room with no obvious means of escape...

Citrus Pear Dinners

Bag your dinner, so you don’t have a bad dinner. By Elle Parker Photography by Kimberlee Miller It’s no secret that eating healthy is difficult, perhaps even...

Bogus Basin

A Nordic Guide to the Mountain Beyond Skiing and Snowboard By Haley Grugel Photos Submitted by Bogus Basin For most people winter is the time of year...

Modern Day Magic

The Art of Stuart Holland By Kayli Corbin Photos Kimberlee Miller So much of this world’s art is fueled by questioning the boundaries we are all seemingly...

Pursuit of Passion

Max Pham Nguyen By Veronica Lemaster Photos Kimberlee Miller You may have heard of this Boise native that toured with Ariana Grande and danced in the 2018...

Music Scene: Duck Club

On the Hunt for a Killer Music Experience By Megan Bryant  Photos Kimberlee Miller Unless you’ve been in a coma for the past seven years, you’ve...