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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Smoke Out

Taking your business smoke-free can be a win for employees and customers. By Kirk Walton Photography Courtesy of Carrington College What’s your New Year’s resolution?...

Tuba Christmas

The baritone brass of Tuba christmas breathes new life into classic carols. By Amy Larson Photography by Copper Chadwick and Courtesy of Dr. David Mathie On Saturday...

Cabin Fever

December marks the launch of The Cabin's annual anthologies, giving you plenty to read on a cold winter's night. By Elisabeth McKetta Photography by Copper Chadwick The...

Watch like an Egyptian

Boise Classic Movies makes new memories with old film favorites. By Liza Long It’s Tuesday night. You could stay home and watch This Is Spinal Tap...

The Rolling Stones Project to Play Boise

On Saturday, November 2, Idaho Live will present “The Rolling Stones Project,” live at the historic Egyptian Theater in downtown Boise. This evening of world-class...


Boise, Radiothon is ramping up and it’s time to put your money where your mouthpiece is. By Kate Matthews Photography by Nena Earl Radio Boise has only...

Flamenco Flare

District 19 infuses flourish and flare into Boise's cultural scene By Clark Gillespie Photography by Nena Earl Inside Starbelly School of Dance, the musty smell of heat...

Guru a-go-go

From the traditional glazed to the increasingly exotic (wild berries with culinary lavender, anyone?) locally run Guru Donuts is well on its way to...

Downtown: Bewitching Branding

The Charm School transforms everyday small business owners into marketing mavens By Liza Long Photography by Copper Chadwick Meshel Miller and Chelsea Snow are two of...

Best Intentions

Caitlyn Davies world is an intoxicating array of heart notes and subtle scents By Laura Wolstenholme Photography by Copper Chadwick It’s a desk that immediately draws the...

Mid-Century Modern Marvels

Jillopy’s Jill and Steven Fraser bring fine lines and classic design to the Boise Bench and beyond By Nicole Sharp Photography by Copper Chadwick A bright orange...

Foaming at the Mouth

The locavore movement has spilled into craft beer and Boise’s microbreweries are expanding their facilities to meet the increasing demand By Ken Levy Photography by Copper...

The Gateway Disc

By Carter D. Davis Do not confuse disc golf with “Frolf”, as I accidentally did within earshot of a Boise disc golfer. Frolf is for...