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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Oma and Popie’s Recipes

Dinner Tonight is Down-Home Delight By Kayli Corbin Photography by Kimberlee Miller Oma and Popie offer a diverse selection of marinades and spice blends that are the...

High Note Café

Honest Food and Conscious Consumption By Kayli Corbin Photography by Emma Thompson The origin of the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ traces back to the 1800s....

The First Annual Idaho Vintage Market

by Meghan Levi Photography by Emma Thompson Amy Pence-Brown and Kristin Montgomery, the collective genius behind the Wintry and Summery Markets, have come up with something...

Delectable, Delightful, and Down-Home

Oma and Popie’s marinades and more By: Kayli Corbin Photography by Kimberlee Miller Defining moments in life push us to take a leap of faith and explore...

Simplicity in Concrete

Meet the team behind the GeoForm Designs By Triston Brooks  Photography  Kimberlee Miller Sofia and Daniel are the dictionary definition of a dynamic duo. As the...


A Peek into the Evolution of Music and Technology By Megan Bryant   Photography Kimberlee Miller As a teenager, Jahred Gomes, now globally known as a musician...

Designing a Dream

Amanda Fitch designs By Chelsea Chambers  Photography Kimberlee Miller Have you ever had a dream that you weren’t quite sure how to pursue? Have you ever...

Boise Music Week

A Week of Fabulously Free Entertaining Concerts, Dance, and Theater Story Janelle Stear Photos Boise Music Week. In 2018, Mayor Bieter declared, “Music Week programs have fostered a love of music among the people in our community… and have inspired many to make music a large part of their lives…

Kaia FIT

The Gym Designed With Women In Mind By Ana Lete  Photos Kimberlee MillerFrightened Felons is an annual event put on at the Old Idaho Penitentiary...

Michael Bonocore

For over a decade, Michael Bonocore, a full-time travel photographer, has been traveling the world finding off the beaten path scenes and experiences while capturing timeless moments with his camera. Michael’s photos make you feel like you are there with him, living in the moment, whether it be a vivid landscape over Patagonia’s famous Mt. Fitz Roy or documenting the culture of Cuba while on a thirty-day road trip across the island country.


Jessi Roberts doesn’t have the luxury of failure.She started Cheekys, the New Plymouth-based Western lifestyle eCommerce, retail, and wholesale company, in 2011 as a hard-working mom with $7,000 in life savings and a prayer. Her family of six and husband who had been injured on the job needed her support – and fast.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Boise Escape By Chelsea Chambers   Photos Vierra ReidFor most of us, the thought of being trapped in a room with no obvious means of escape...

Handmade Gifts with a Cause

Redesigned wool into creative pieces. What started as a creative outlet for Sage Woolens owner, Jeanna Wigger, has become an opportunity to increase awareness about livestock welfare and the benefits of re-purposing. Sage Woolens is a Boise-based handmade gifts store. The business is dedicated to giving a longer life to high-quality second-hand materials and turning them into something fresh and new.