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Friday, July 3, 2020

Idaho Made Art

Passion and Creativity By Chelsea Chambers Art is a reflection of the spirit looking back at the self. A way that we share our creative energies...
TreeFort CEOs John and Brett

Creative Work Matters: Supporting Community with Brett Perry and John Michael Schert

This pandemic has left us all feeling unsettled, vacillating between acceptance and fear. We have felt gratitude for the forced slow down which allows us...
Music Artists At Home Share Their Stories

Stay Home Artists Quotes And Dates

With shows and events cancelled around the world, have you been wondering how musical artists are adapting to this new strange world? Bands…how are you making ends meet?

Bright Spot of Boise – Jon Robertson

Bright Spot: a good thing that occurs during a bad or difficult time. The coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the globe is an extraordinarily strange...

Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

This is a lovely place to reflect. As a memorial for many who have spent their lives in pursuit of human rights, not only...

A Love Letter to Treefort

We cannot wait to hang out with you in September! Author: McCale Ashenbrener Dear Treefort, The chirping birds and budding trees just don’t feel right without you....

Boise’s Best Mocktails-Much more than Fizz

The newest bar trend is for booze-free options, see what Boise has to offer Author: McCale Ashenbrener My old party trick was to bite into a...

Treefort Music Fest 2020 – An Inside Look

By Aaron Michael It’s that funky and fantastic time of year again—Treefort Music Fest takes over the streets of downtown Boise. If we could all...

Collisions and Creation: Boise Women Fuelling Tech and Filling Needs

By Norris Krueger Photography by Emma Thompson Boise provides sanctuary and growth to such a diverse population of entrepreneurs and doers. We’ve been privileged to see...

BOSCO – Connecting Artists and Their Community

Story by Gillian Hill  Photos by Emma Thompson Becka Watkins has been creating art her whole life, but she didn’t start calling herself an artist...

The People of Boise

Wintertime Edition By Chelsea Chambers There is something magical about Idaho in the wintertime: snow-capped pine trees, wood-smoke billowing from rooftop chimneys, and of course, weekend...

Idaho Snow Pros

By Andrew Coussens Photography by Emma Thompson What’s a winter issue of Greenbelt without an article showcasing a few of the Treasure Valley’s athletes that excel...