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Flamenco Flare

District 19 infuses flourish and flare into Boise’s cultural scene By Clark Gillespie Photography by Nena Earl Inside Starbelly School of Dance, the musty smell of heat and sweat competes with the voice that firmly counts out steps as pulsating…

September 7, 2013

Best Intentions

Best Intentions

Caitlyn Davies world is an intoxicating array of heart notes and subtle scents By Laura Wolstenholme Photography by Copper Chadwick It’s a desk that immediately draws the eye when entering the Intentions studio. It’s dramatically beautiful and its high shelves…

July 9, 2013

The Gateway Disc

By Carter D. Davis Do not confuse disc golf with “Frolf”, as I accidentally did within earshot of a Boise disc golfer. Frolf is for 15 year-old anarchist wannabes who loathe the idea of rules, structure and a predetermined course….

May 1, 2013